Practice Areas

Law Firm Focused On Criminal Defense And DUI / OVI Defense In Columbus And Central Ohio

The Dominy Law Firm represents people charged with criminal offenses, and the firm has three practice areas: DUI / OVI defense, Vehicular Homicide / Vehicular Assault defense, and criminal defense. The firm does not practice several areas of law and handle an occasional criminal case. We only practice criminal defense, and we only practice in central Ohio.

Criminal Defense Lawyers With Experience And Expertise

It is highly recommended that you research prospective attorneys thoroughly and hire a lawyer with expertise and experience handling your particular type of case. Shawn Dominy has been practicing criminal defense since 1997, and the firm's experience includes felony offenses (murder, rape, robbery, drugs, etc), misdemeanor offenses (shoplifting, underage drinking, marijuana, assault, etc) and traffic offenses (DUI / OVI serious vehicular crimes, and minor traffic tickets).

DUI / OVI Defense

The Dominy Law Firm represent clients charged with DUI / OVI (drunk driving) in Columbus and central Ohio. If you are charged with DUI / OVI, other pages of this website will help you understand the DUI/OVI investigation and the court process, as well as the Administrative License Suspension and limited driving privileges. You should be aware of the penalties for DUI/OVI, which include a jail sentence (or driver intervention program), a fine, a license suspension, and possible yellow license plates, vehicle immobilization, ignition interlock, and SCRAM. You should also be aware of the points on your license and the habitual offender registry. If there is a question you have about Ohio DUI / OVI which is not answered in this website, please contact us for the answer.

Vehicular Homicide & Assault Defense

The Dominy Law Firm represents clients charged with serious vehicular crimes in Columbus and Central Ohio, such as Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Assault, and Involuntary Manslaughter. Expertise in DUI / OVI issues is beneficial to these cases because many of them involve issues like breath tests, blood tests, urine tests, and field sobriety tests. The same is true of repeat DUI/OVI offenses and felony DUI / OVI.

Criminal Defense

The Dominy Law Firm represents clients charged with various criminal offenses in Columbus and central Ohio. We regularly represent clients for misdemeanor offenses, including shoplifting, underage drinking, marijuana offenses, and assault/domestic violence. We have also represented many clients for felony offenses such as drug offenses, theft/fraud, and sex crimes.

Exclusive Defense Firm With Outstanding Service

The Dominy Law Firm represents a limited number of clients so we can work each case thoroughly and provide the level of service you would want as a client. Based on this level of service, as well as experience and expertise, the firm's fees are at the high end of the fee scale.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Although our fees are on the high side, there is no cost for a consultation. We charge flat fees, so you will know by the end of the consultation what will be the exact fee. If you would like more information about us, please see the firm overview. You can also read what clients say and review our past case results. If you review this information and would like to discuss your situation, please EMAIL US or call us at 614-717-1177 to arrange a free initial consultation.