OVI / DUI Third Offense In Ohio

Third-Offense DUI / OVI In Ohio
The consequences for DUI / OVI offenses are more severe with each conviction.  For a third conviction within ten years, harsh mandatory penalties are imposed.  If you have recently been charged with a third Ohio DUI / OVI offense, you are likely seeking to avoid or minimize the harsh penalties.  How is that done?

First Steps For A Third Offense
For a third offense OVI / DUI in Ohio, the first step is to educate yourself about your situation.  You should know the potential consequences, including the minimum sentence and the maximum sentence.  You’ll also want to understand the court process before your first court appearance.  You may also want to learn more about hiring an attorney before making the hiring decision.  This site has information about those and other DUI / OVI topics.

Those topics are also the subject of the ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’. The guide takes about 30-40 minutes to read, and it answers the questions most people have when facing OVI charges.  Online bookstores sell the paperback version, as well as the Kindle® and Nook® formats.  Alternatively, you can download the e-book for free here.  You may also want to contact a Columbus, OH DUI lawyer if your third offense DUI / OVI is in central Ohio.

Sentencing For A Third Offense DUI / OVI In Ohio
A third DUI / OVI conviction within ten years has minimum sentences and maximum sentences.  The jail term is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year.  The minimum mandatory jail term is increased to 60 days if there is a high test (.170 or higher) or a chemical test refusal.  The driver license suspension is a minimum of two years and a maximum of 12 years.  The fine is a minimum of $850 and a maximum of $2,750.  

That’s not all.  A third DUI / OVI conviction in ten years also involves mandatory substance abuse counseling, use of an ignition interlock device and yellow license plates.  Those plates will not go on the vehicle used in the offense because that vehicle will be forfeited if it’s titled to the person charged.  The sentence will also likely include community control (probation) and use of a SCRAM device.  A table summarizing the consequences can be viewed on this site’s OVI / DUI sentences page.

Plead Guilty Or Contest The Charge?
At the initial appearance in court, your options will include pleading guilty, pleading no contest, and pleading not guilty.  A plea of guilty or no contest will result in a conviction for the third-offense DUI / OVI, and the judge will impose the sentence.  A plea of not guilty will give you the chance to review the evidence the prosecutor intends to introduce, challenge the evidence, and either take the case to trial or seek a negotiated resolution.

How Will A Lawyer Help With A Third Offense DUI / OVI?
A good OVI / DUI lawyer will help at each stage of the case.  The lawyer will be a guide, an advisor and an advocate throughout the court process.  The lawyer should inspect every aspect of the prosecution’s evidence, prepare a defense to the OVI charge and present mitigating evidence.

Choosing A Lawyer For A Third Offense Ohio DUI / OVI
There is no shortage of lawyers in central Ohio who represent clients charged with a third DUI / OVI.  There is a shortage of lawyers with expertise in DUI / OVI defense.  Those lawyers constantly seek to improve their skills and are often asked to teach those skills to other attorneys.

Lawyer For Third-Offense DUI/OVI In Columbus And Central Ohio
Shawn Dominy constantly seeks to improve his skills as a DUI / OVI attorney, and he is often asked to teach those skills to others.  He improves his skills through membership in the National College for DUI Defense and the nationwide DUI Defense Lawyers Association.  He teaches DUI / OVI defense to other attorneys at Ohio continuing education seminars.  Shawn Dominy has both expertise in DUI / OVI defense and experience representing clients facing third-offense DUI / OVI charges.  To arrange for a phone consultation with Shawn Dominy or any of our lawyers, email the Dominy Law Firm or call 614-717-1177.

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