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DUI/OVI In Sunbury, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm lawyers handle DUI / OVI in Sunbury, Ohio.  If you are seeking information about DUI/OVI in Sunbury, you have come to the right place.  This page may also be useful for Sunbury residents charged with DUI/OVI in another central Ohio court. Sunbury is a Village in Delaware County which has its own court and its own law enforcement agency. The Sunbury Police Department is responsible for enforcing DUI/OVI laws in the village, and the area is also patrolled by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  DUI/OVI cases occurring in this area are filed in either the Sunbury Mayor’s Court or the Delaware Municipal Court.

Nobody plans to face a DUI/OVI charge, so when that happens, most people feel in the dark.  You may be wondering about issues like the potential sentences, the court process, and whether you should plead guilty or fight it.  Issues such as those are addressed throughout the pages of this website.  Those issues and more are also discussed in the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’. That book contains in one place the information you should have before going to court and before hiring a lawyer.  You can purchase the paperback version of the book from online bookstores, and you can also download the free e-book here.

Sentencing For DUI/OVI In Sunbury, Ohio
In Ohio, DUI/OVI has minimum mandatory sentences and maximum possible sentences.  The potential sentences increase with each DUI/OVI conviction within certain time periods.  A first DUI/OVI has the following potential punishments:  incarceration for three days to 180 days, a license suspension from one year to three years, and a fine of $375 to $1,075.  The court can also order yellow license plates, an ignition interlock device, and probation for up to five years. 

A second DUI/OVI conviction within ten years has the following potential punishments:  incarceration for ten days to 180 days, a license suspension from one year to seven years, a fine of $525 to $1,625, mandatory yellow license plates, mandatory immobilization of the vehicle, mandatory ignition interlock, and mandatory alcohol counseling, as well as probation for up to five years.  For a table summarizing Ohio DUI/OVI sentences, please see the ‘DUI Penalties’ page.

Going To Court For A Sunbury DUI/OVI
Whether your case is in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court or the Delaware Municipal Court, the first court appearance is typically held within five business days.  The first hearing is an arraignment, and there is ordinarily no plea bargaining.  Instead, you are given the options of pleading guilty, pleading no contest, or pleading not guilty.  That means you will have to choose, at the first court appearance, whether to plead guilty or fight it.

Should I Plead Guilty Or Fight It?
Your decision needs to be made somewhat quickly, as that first court appearance is ordinarily within five business days of when you receive the ticket.  First, you’ll need to decide whether you will plead guilty or contest the DUI/OVI.  There is not one right answer for everybody.  It depends mainly on how important it is to you to avoid a DUI/OVI conviction on your permanent record.  Second, you should determine whether you will hire an attorney.  Third, if you are hiring an attorney, you’ll need to select the right attorney for you.

Lawyers For Sunbury, Ohio DUI/OVI Cases

The attorney you select may have an impact on the outcome of the case, so it’s worth researching attorneys to find one with experience and expertise in DUI/OVI defense.  The Dominy Law Firm attorneys are in a small category of lawyers with expertise in that area.  DUI/OVI defense is the focus of the Dominy Law firm and accounts for about 80% of the firm’s cases.

If you would like to research the firm further, you may want to review the About Us page.  You may also want to read about the case results and client reviews of the Dominy Law Firm.  If you finish your research and would like to speak with the Dominy Law Firm your Sunbury DUI/OVI, you can complete a CONTACT FORM or call 614-717-1177 to arrange a free phone consultation.
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