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DUI / OVI In Shawnee Hills, Ohio

Shawnee Hills is a small village northwest of Columbus in the vicinity of Powell, Ohio. Although Shawnee Hills is a small village, it has its own law enforcement agency: The Shawnee Hills Police Department. Other law enforcement agencies with a presence in the area are the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. These three agencies investigate the DUI/OVI cases in the Shawnee Hills area. Some of those DUI/OVI cases are filed in the Shawnee Hills Mayor’s Court, and some are filed in the Delaware Municipal Court.

Questions About DUI / OVI In Shawnee Hills

What is the potential sentence? What are the possible defenses? Is there any way to avoid a DUI/OVI on my record? Should I hire a lawyer? For people charged with DUI/OVI, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. Whether you have a DUI/OVI in Shawnee Hills or you are a Shawnee Hills resident charged with DUI/OVI in another Ohio court, you likely have questions like these.

This site will help answer those questions. There is a DUI/OVI page with information about DUI/OVI in general, and there are several individual pages on specific DUI/OVI topics. DUI/OVI topics are discussed in more detail in the book ‘I Was Charged With DUI/OVI – Now What?!’ While the book is packed with information, it’s concise and easy to read. That book can be purchased online from bookstores, and the e-book can be downloaded for free from this site.

Going To Court For A Shawnee Hills DUI / OVI Case

For details about what to expect in court, you may want to read the court process page of this website. What you should know immediately is the first court appearance occurs quickly; typically a few days after the ticket is issued. The first court appearance is called an ‘arraignment’, and at the arraignment you will need to decide if you are going to plead guilty, no contest, or not guilty.

As you need to make that decision soon, it would be helpful to think through your options well before the arraignment. When you consider your options, you should be aware that pleading guilty or no contest at the first court appearance will result in being convicted and sentenced without an opportunity to review the evidence, evaluate the case, and present a defense. If you plead not guilty and contest the DUI/OVI charge, you at least give yourself a chance of avoiding a DUI/OVI conviction. A conviction for a traffic offense is a permanent record and cannot be sealed or expunged.

DUI / OVI Attorney Serving Shawnee Hills, Ohio

If you choose to contest the DUI/OVI, the Dominy Law Firm can help. DUI/OVI defense is the primary focus of the firm, and Shawn Dominy is a leading attorney in this area. He is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, as well as the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, and he teaches DUI/OVI to other lawyers at state and local seminars.

To learn more about Shawn Dominy, please see the attorney profile page. You may also want to review the pages discussing the Dominy Law Firm’s case outcomes and client ratings. If you have a case in Shawnee Hills, or if you are a Shawnee Hills resident charged with DUI/OVI elsewhere, you can arrange for a free phone consultation with Shawn Dominy in two ways: email the Dominy Law Firm or call 614-717-1177.

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