OVI / DUI Lawyer For Powell, Ohio

DUI/OVI In Powell, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm has attorneys for DUI / OVI in Powell, Ohio.  Powell has grown from a rural village to a suburban city with a population of about 12,000 residents.  Powell has its own city police department, and the Powell area is also patrolled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.  Although Powell is a city, it does not have its own municipal court or mayor’s court.  Therefore, DUI/OVI cases originating in the Powell area are filed in the Delaware Municipal Court unless the alleged offense actually occurred in Franklin County.  In that event, the case would be filed in the Franklin County Municipal Court.

If you were charged with DUI/OVI and the incident occurred in Powell, or if you are a Powell resident with a DUI/OVI which took place in another central Ohio location, you are probably wondering what are the first steps you should take.  Your first step should be to educate yourself about DUI/OVI issues.  Your next step is to answer three important questions:  (1) are you going to plead guilty or fight the OVI, (2) are you going to hire a lawyer, and (3) which lawyer are you going to hire.

Information About Powell DUI/OVI
For the first step, educating yourself about DUI/OVI issues, you have come to a good place.  This site is full of information about DUI/OVI.  In the right column of each page is the heading ‘Practice Areas’.  Under that heading are categories of DUI/OVI topics.  If you click on each of those categories, you will find individual pages which explain specific issues.  If you prefer a resource which explains several topics in one document, you may want to read the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  That book explains what you should know before going to court and before hiring a lawyer for DUI/OVI in central Ohio.  You can purchase the book in online bookstores, or you can download the e-book for free from this website.

The DUI/OVI Court Process
After being charged with DUI/OVI, the first court appearance (the arraignment) is typically held within five business days.  At the arraignment, there is ordinarily no plea bargaining.  Instead, you are given the opportunity to enter one of three pleas:  guilty, no contest, or not guilty.  You will also be given the opportunity to appeal the Administrative License Suspension.

As you will have to decide what plea to enter within a few days of the arrest, it is best to give thought to your options before going to court.  Before that first court appearance, you’ll want to decide if you’re going to plead guilty to the DUI/OVI or contest the charge.  You’ll also want to decide if you are going to represent yourself or hire an attorney. If you decide to hire an attorney, you’ll want to find an attorney with expertise and experience in DUI/OVI defense.

Making Decisions About Your DUI/OVI Case
After you learn more about DUI/OVI issues and attorneys, you’ll be in a position to answer the three questions.  Whether to plead guilty or fight the DUI/OVI depends on the importance you associate with trying to avoid an OVI conviction.  For some people, a DUI/OVI conviction is manageable.  Others absolutely cannot afford a conviction.  Making the decision about how to plead will also likely help you decide whether to hire a lawyer.  If you decide to contest the charge and hire a lawyer, you’ll want to find a lawyer with expertise and experience in DUI/OVI defense.  You’ll also want a lawyer with industry recognition, favorable case results, and satisfied clients.

DUI/OVI Lawyers Serving Powell, Ohio
The attorneys at the Dominy Law Firm have expertise and experience in DUI/OVI defense.  They also have industry recognition.  Shawn Dominy is recognized as a SuperLawyer® in the area of DUI/OVI and was listed as one of the Top 50 Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio by Columbus Monthly Magazine.  Bryan Hawkins was given the Avvo ‘Client’s Choice’ Award and was named one of the Top DUI/OVI Lawyers Under 40 in Ohio.  The firm has a history of favorable case results and satisfied clients

The office of the Dominy Law Firm is located just south of Powell near the intersection of Route 315 and Interstate 270 (by Hills Market).  As a result, the firm regularly represents Powell residents or have DUI/OVI cases originating in the Powell area.  If you have a DUI/OVI case from Powell, or if you are a Powell resident with a DUI/OVI case in central Ohio, you can arrange a free consultation with the Dominy Law Firm by completing a contact form or by calling 614-717-1177.
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