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DUI/OVI In Plain City, Ohio
This page is written for individuals facing DUI/OVI charges in Plain City, Ohio.  It may also interest Plain City residents charged with DUI/OVI in another central Ohio court.  There are not many DUI/OVI cases arising from the Plain City area when compared to a metropolitan area like Columbus, Ohio.  There are, however, a number of DUI/OVI cases filed each month.  The Plain City Police Department patrols the area, as do the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and the Union County Sheriff’s Office.  DUI/OVI cases are filed in either the Madison County Municipal Court or the Marysville Municipal Court.

If you were charged with OVI / DUI in Plain City, or if you are a Plain City resident charged with DUI/OVI elsewhere in central Ohio, you probably have a lot of questions.  Frequently asked questions include:  What evidence is used in court?  What is the court process?  Should I plead guilty or fight it?  Should I hire a lawyer?  Those types of questions are answered in the pages of this site.  Those types of topics are also addressed in the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  That book is available in online bookstores, and you can also download the e-book for free from this website.

Evidence Used In Court
The evidence used in court can be categorized in three ways.  First, there is eyewitness evidence.  Eyewitnesses may be civilians, but more often they are law enforcement officers.  Officers undergo training to detect drunk drivers, so when they suspect a driver is under the influence, they conduct a DUI/OVI investigation.  The investigation typically includes field sobriety tests. 

Second, there is audio/video evidence.  There may be 911 call recordings, videos from dash cams and body cams, and videos from police stations and jails.

Third, there is chemical test evidence.  If an officer arrests a driver for OVI/DUI, the officer requests a blood test, urine test, or breath test.  In Plain City cases, the breath test may be administered on an Intoxilyzer 8000.  That machine has been controversial in Ohio, and the attorneys at the Dominy Law Firm have been at the forefront of litigation involving the Intoxilyzer 8000.

The DUI/OVI Court Process
Cases from the Plain City area are filed in two different courts, depending on the location of the alleged offense.  Every court has slightly different procedures.  However, the court process is generally the same throughout Ohio.

A few days after the ticket is issued, there is an arraignment where you are asked to plead guilty/no contest or not guilty.  If you plead guilty, you are sentenced, and the court process is over.  If you plead not guilty, the next phase is a pretrial hearing where the prosecution and defense negotiate.  If those negotiations do not result in an agreement, the court often holds a motion hearing to determine what evidence is admissible.  After that phase, there may be a trial where a jury or judge decides if the evidence proves your guilt.  If guilt is proven, or if there is a guilty/no contest plea, the final stage is a sentence hearing.

Before beginning that court process, it would be wise to think through your options and make decisions.  You do not want to start analyzing your options in court.  Before going to court, it would be a good idea to decide whether you will plead guilty or contest the DUI/OVI.  It would also be good to determine whether you will hire an attorney and choose the attorney you will hire.

Lawyers For Plain City, Ohio DUI/OVI Cases
The Dominy Law Firm represents clients in and from the Plain City area.  The firm is focused on DUI/OVI defense and only represents a small number of clients.  For more information about the Dominy Law Firm, please see the About Us page.  You may also want to review the Dominy Law Firm’s client ratings and case outcomes.  To schedule a free phone consultation with an attorney from the Dominy Law Firm, please call 614-717-1177 or complete a CONTACT FORM.
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