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DUI/OVI In Pataskala, Ohio
Although the city of Pataskala is often thought of as part of the Columbus metropolitan area, Pataskala is actually in Licking County.  DUI/OVI cases arising from the Pataskala area are filed in either the Licking County Municipal Court or the Pataskala Mayor’s Court.  The court in which the case is filed depends on which law enforcement agency files the ticket, as well as the prior record of the driver.  There are a fair number of DUI/OVI cases in this area, as it is patrolled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Licking County Sheriff’s office, in addition to the Pataskala Police Department.

Whether you reside in Pataskala and have a DUI/OVI case in another area of Ohio or you are charged with DUI/OVI in Pataskala, you may have questions.  Questions are frequently asked about the court process, the potential sentence, and whether hiring a lawyer will help.  Those questions are answered on this site’s FAQ page and in pages throughout this site.  Topics like those and others are also addressed in the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  That book contains concise answers to common questions and can be read quickly.  You can purchase the paperback version from internet bookstores, and you can also download the free e-book here

The Court Process For Pataskala DUI/OVI Cases
DUI/OVI cases begin with an arraignment a few days after the ticket is issued.  If a Not Guilty plea is entered at the arraignment, the case is scheduled for a pretrial hearing.  If the case is not finished at the pretrial hearing, the next phase is usually a motion hearing for the court to decide arguments made in motions to suppress evidence.  If the case is not resolved with a plea agreement, a trial is scheduled.  At the trial, a jury or judge determines whether the evidence proves guilt.  If there is a guilty finding, a sentence hearing is held for the judge to impose the sentence.

The Potential Sentences For Pataskala DUI/OVI Cases
Ohio has minimum mandatory sentences for DUI/OVI convictions.  The minimum mandatory sentence depends on the number of DUI/OVI convictions on the driver’s record in the last six years or the last 20 years.  That minimum mandatory sentence increases with additional convictions in those “lookback periods”.  In addition to the minimum sentence which must be imposed, there are also maximum possible sentences.  Judges have much discretion when imposing a DUI/OVI sentence, so long as the sentence is between the minimum and maximum.  The potential sentences for Ohio DUI/OVI convictions are summarized in a table on the ‘DUI/OVI Penalties’ page of this site.

Hiring An Attorney For A DUI/OVI In Pataskala, Ohio
If you are concerned about the impact of a DUI/OVI conviction, you may want to speak with an attorney to evaluate your situation.  You’ll need to decide whether you will plead guilty or contest the case, whether you will hire a lawyer, and which lawyer you will hire.  The lawyer you choose can have an impact on the outcome of your case.

The lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm have experience and expertise in DUI/OVI defense, and they represent clients for cases in the Pataskala area.  They also represent Pataskala residents charged with DUI/OVI in courts throughout central Ohio.  The firm only practices a narrow area of law, only practices in a small geographic area, and only represents a low number of clients.  Using this approach, the firm is able to achieve favorable results for its select clients.  You can see what clients say on the client reviews page. 

If you would like more information about the Dominy Law Firm, it’s available on the About Us page.  If you complete your research and would like to speak with a lawyer from the Dominy Law Firm about your DUI/OVI case, you can schedule a free phone consultation by completing this form or by calling 614-717-1177.
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