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DUI / OVI In Mount Gilead, Ohio

This web page should be helpful for people charged with DUI/OVI in Mount Gilead, Ohio. It may also be useful for Mount Gilead residents charged with DUI/OVI in other Ohio courts. Mount Gilead has a population of about 4,000 people and is classified as a village. Although the Mount Gilead area is also patrolled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office, the village has its own law enforcement agency: the Mount Gilead Police Department. The village also has two courts which hear DUI/OVI cases, and most of those cases are filed in the Morrow County Municipal Court.

If you were charged with DUI/OVI in the Mount Gilead area, you probably have many questions. What is the evidence? What are the possible defenses? Should I contest the charge or should I plead guilty? These types of questions are addressed throughout this website, beginning with the DUI/OVI page, and continuing with additional individual pages focusing on specific DUI/OVI topics. Additional information can be found in the book ‘I Was Charged With DUI/OVI – Now What?!’ That book can be purchased from bookstores online, and the e-book version can be downloaded for free here. The book is concise so it is a quick read, but it is full of valuable information.

The Evidence In Mount Gilead DUI / OVI Cases

Evidence in these cases falls into two general categories: witness observations and chemical tests. Witness observations include those from law enforcement officers and from lay witnesses. Law enforcement officers are trained to look for certain clues of intoxication during a DUI/OVI investigation. Those clues may be observed while the vehicle is in motion, during personal contact with the driver, and during field sobriety testing. Chemical tests include breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests.

Challenging DUI / OVI Charges In Mount Gilead

The first court appearance for a DUI/OVI occurs within a few days of the day the ticket is issued. Before attending that first court appearance, you should determine whether you will challenge the DUI/OVI charges or plead guilty. Many people seem to think challenging the charges is hopeless, so they plead guilty at the first court appearance. If you plead guilty at the arraignment, you will never know what could have happened if you contested the case. If you plead not guilty, you will at least be able to review the prosecution’s evidence, predict what evidence will be admissible, and explore defenses which may be available. Contesting the case may result in a more favorable case outcome.

Lawyer For Mount Gilead, Ohio DUI / OVI Cases

Shawn Dominy represents clients who are contesting DUI/OVI charges. To effectively advocate for these clients, the Dominy Law Firm focuses primarily on DUI/OVI defense. As part of that focus, Shawn Dominy has completed training specific to DUI/OVI, including courses in field sobriety testing, breath testing, and blood/urine testing. He is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.

If you intend to contest your DUI/OVI and would like more information about Shawn Dominy, that can be found in his attorney profile. There is also information available on this site regarding the Dominy Law Firm’s case outcomes and client satisfaction. To schedule a free phone consultation regarding your Mount Gilead DUI/OVI, please call 614-717-1177 or email the Dominy Law Firm.

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