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DUI / OVI In Marion, Ohio

This page is intended to help those accused of DUI/OVI in Marion, Ohio. You may also find this page helpful if you are from Marion and have a DUI/OVI in another Ohio court. Marion is a city of about 37,000 people and is one of the older cities in Ohio. Marion has a city police department, and the area is also patrolled by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. There are a fair number of DUI/OVI cases in the Marion area, and most of them are filed in the Marion Municipal Court.

You likely have a lot of questions if you were charged with DUI/OVI in Marion. What does the prosecutor need to prove? What are the potential defenses? Should I plead guilty or should I fight the OVI? Questions like those are addressed in the DUI/OVI pages of this website. Those types of issues are also discussed in the book ‘I Was Charged With DUI/OVI – Now What?!’ That book is available in bookstores, and you can also download the free e-book here. It’s a quick read and a good way to learn about DUI/OVI cases.

Sentencing For DUI / OVI In Marion, Ohio

One of the most frequent questions about DUI/OVI is “what is the sentence?” The reality is there is not one sentence: there is a range of possible penalties, and the penalties increase with multiple convictions. For example, the sentence for a first offense DUI/OVI carries a minimum of three days in jail, but a judge can impose up to six months in jail. Similarly, a first offense conviction involves a minimum license suspension of six months, but the license suspension can be up to three years. For a summary of all the possible punishments, please see the DUI/OVI Penalties page.

The DUI / OVI Court Process

Before getting to the sentencing phase, there may be multiple court appearances. The first one, the arraignment, is held within five days of the arrest. Prosecutors ordinarily do not negotiate much at this stage, so your options are pleading guilty, pleading no contest, or pleading not guilty. If you plead not guilty, the next phase is the pretrial hearing; a time for the prosecution and defense to discuss the case and negotiate. Following the pretrial, there may be a motion hearing for the judge to make decisions on contested legal issues. If the case is not resolved, the next phase is a trial for a jury or judge to decide whether the prosecutor proves the defendant’s guilt. Only a small percentage of cases go to trial.

Although a small percentage of cases go to trial, trial experience is an important trait to look for when researching attorneys. Preparing for trial and demonstrating to the prosecution the possibility of a not guilty verdict is an important strategy for achieving favorable plea agreements. In addition to trial experience, another trait to look for is expertise in DUI/OVI defense.

Lawyer For Marion, Ohio DUI / OVI Cases

Shawn Dominy has trial experience and expertise in DUI/OVI defense. The focus of his practice is DUI/OVI, and he contests the accusations in every case. He is a member of professional organizations which provide training and resources to DUI/OVI attorneys, including the DUI Defense Lawyers Association and the National College for DUI Defense.

If you plan to contest your DUI/OVI and would like additional information about Shawn Dominy, you can find it in his attorney profile. If you would like to know about the Dominy Law Firm’s case outcomes and client satisfaction, please see the case results page and the client reviews page. To speak with Shawn Dominy about your Marion DUI/OVI, you can schedule a free phone consultation: call 614-717-1177 or email the Dominy Law Firm.

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