OVI / DUI Lawyer For Lewis Center, Ohio

DUI/OVI In Lewis Center, Ohio
Lewis Center has grown from a rural community with thousands of acres of farm land to a suburb with thousands of residents.  Although Lewis Center is a village without a police force, the area is patrolled by at least three law enforcement agencies:  Ohio State Highway Patrol, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, and Columbus Division of Police.  As Lewis Center does not have its own court, DUI/OVI cases from this area are filed in either the Franklin County Municipal Court or the Delaware Municipal Court, depending on the location of the alleged offense.

If you were charged with an OVI / DUI which took place in Lewis Center, or if you are a Lewis Center resident with a DUI / OVI which took place elsewhere in central Ohio, you may be wondering what should be your first step.  Your first step should be to educate yourself, and you are on the right website to do that.  This website has many pages of information about evidence in DUI/OVI cases, the court process, the possible consequences, and the possible defenses.  Another way to educate yourself is by reading the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’. The book is a quick read, and you can download the free e-book from this website.

Evidence In Lewis Center OVI Cases
Law enforcement officers are trained in DUI detection.  That training includes what clues to look for when a vehicle is being driven and what behavior is indicative of intoxication.  If an officer suspects a driver is under the influence, the officer ordinarily administers field sobriety tests to confirm the suspicion.  If the officer has probable cause to believe the driver is under the influence, the officer arrests the driver and administers a blood test, breath test, or urine test.  The results of those chemical test may be admitted as evidence to show the driver was over the prohibited level of alcohol and/or drugs.

The Court Process
Whether the case is filed in Franklin County or Delaware County, the first court appearance should be held within five business days.  That first court appearance is an arraignment.  The purpose of the arraignment is to enter a plea (guilty, no contest, or not guilty).  You may also us the arraignment to challenge the Administrative License Suspension if you refused the chemical test or took the test and the result was ‘over the limit’. 

You may be wondering if it is worthwhile to challenge the DUI/OVI charge instead of simply pleading guilty.  The answer is not always an easy one:  it depends on the strength of the evidence and the importance you attach to avoiding a DUI/OVI conviction.  The irony is you have to decide at the first court appearance whether you will plead guilty or not guilty, but you do not have all the evidence at the time you need to make the decision.  If you plead guilty and finish the case at the first court appearance, you will never see all the evidence.  If you want the opportunity to review the evidence and explore possible defenses, you should not finish the case at the first court appearance.

As you will have to decide what plea to enter at the arraignment, it is wise to think through your options before going to court.  You’ll need to decide if you’re going to plead guilty to the DUI/OVI or contest the charge.  You’ll also need to decide if you are going to represent yourself or hire an attorney. If you are hiring an attorney, you’ll need to research them and hire an attorney with expertise in DUI/OVI defense.

DUI/OVI Lawyers Serving Lewis Center, Ohio
The office of the Dominy Law Firm is located fairly close to Lewis Center:  near the intersection of I-270 and Route 315 (by Hills Market).  Our attorneys frequently represent clients from Lewis Center for OVI / DUI cases in Franklin County and Delaware County. 

You can learn more about our firm on the About Us page.  You can also research our case results and hear from our previous clients.  If you have a DUI/OVI case from Lewis Center, or if you are a Lewis Center resident with a DUI/OVI case elsewhere in central Ohio, you can arrange a free consultation by completing a CONTACT FORM or by calling 614-717-1177.
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