OVI / DUI Lawyer For Hilliard, Ohio

DUI/OVI In Hilliard, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm represents clients for OVI / DUI in Hilliard, Ohio.  If you were charged with DUI/OVI in Hilliard, Ohio, or if you are a Hilliard resident and charged with DUI/OVI elsewhere, this website will help.  There are several pages of information about DUI/OVI topics applicable to cases in Hilliard and other central Ohio courts.  That information includes the potential consequences, the court process, and the evidence in DUI/OVI cases. 

Another good source of information is the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  By reading this book, you’ll have the information you need to make decisions before going to court and before hiring an attorney.  The book is sold in online bookstores, and you can download the e-book for free from this website.

Courts For Hilliard, Ohio DUI/OVI Cases
DUI/OVI cases in Hilliard are filed in one of two courts:  the Hilliard Mayor’s Court or the Franklin County Municipal Court.  The mayor’s court hears only first-offense DUI/OVI cases filed by the Hilliard Police Department.  The municipal court hears cases for people with multiple DUI/OVI offenses and also hears cases filed by other law enforcement agencies such as the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The Court Process For DUI/OVI Cases
Wherever the case is filed, the first court appearance is typically held within five business days.  The first hearing is an arraignment, which is an opportunity for you to challenge the Administrative License Suspension and enter a plea.  At an arraignment, there is ordinarily no plea bargaining.  Instead, the plea entered is either guilty, no contest, or not guilty.  A guilty or no contest plea typically results in the case being completed at the arraignment.  A not guilty plea results in additional court appearances.  If you are hoping to avoid an OVI conviction, you should enter a plea of not guilty.

Evidence In DUI/OVI Cases

Wherever your case is filed, the evidence in DUI/OVI cases falls into two primary categories.  The first category of evidence is the observations made by police officers and other witnesses.  The second category of evidence is the results of any chemical tests administered to measure alcohol and drug levels. 

You may be wondering if it’s possible to avoid a DUI/OVI conviction on your permanent record.  If the officer says you were under the influence and/or the test result says you were over the limit, is it possible to successfully contest a DUI/OVI case?  It is.  Sometimes cases which appear at the beginning to be very strong for the prosecution turn out to be much weaker when the evidence is analyzed and challenged.

Lawyers For Hillard, Ohio DUI/OVI
To improve the likelihood of successfully challenging a DUI/OVI accusation, it is beneficial to have the assistance of a skilled attorney.  Most law schools do not teach DUI/OVI defense, so, to develop skill in this area, a lawyer needs to be proactive.  There are national associations dedicated to educating lawyers in the area of DUI/OVI defense, including the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) and the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA).  These organizations teach attorneys about the science involved in DUI/OVI, as well as the art of litigating DUI/OVI cases.

The Dominy Law Firm has developed skill in DUI/OVI defense.  Founding attorney Shawn Dominy is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, and he is a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.  Both Shawn Dominy and attorney Bryan Hawkins are regularly asked to teach other Ohio lawyers about DUI/OVI at continuing education seminars.  The Dominy Law Firm has helped many clients with DUI/OVI cases in the Hilliard Mayor’s Court, and they have represented several Hilliard residents with DUI/OVI cases throughout central Ohio.

If you would like more information about the Dominy Law Firm, it is available on the About Us page.  Also available are the firm’s case results and client reviews.  If you are interested in speaking with the Dominy Law Firm about your case, you can schedule a free phone consultation by calling 614-717-1177 or by completing this CONTACT FORM.
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