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DUI/OVI In Grove City, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm represents clients for Grove City, Ohio DUI / OVI.  Whether you have a DUI/OVI case in Grove City or you are a Grove City resident with a DUI/OVI case elsewhere in central Ohio, you probably have questions.  People charged with DUI/OVI commonly have questions about the potential punishment, the court process, and the possible defenses.  Those topics are addressed throughout this website, beginning with the general DUI/OVI page and continuing with specific pages addressing individual topics.  Those topics are also addressed in the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  That book is available in online bookstores, and the e-book is available as a free download on this website.

Grove City is one of Columbus’s largest suburbs, and a significant number of DUI/OVI cases originate in the Grove City area.  Those cases are filed in either the Grove City Mayor’s Court or the Franklin County Municipal Court.  Where a case is filed depends on what law enforcement agency files the charges, as well as the record of the accused individual.  The law enforcement agencies which enforce DUI/OVI laws in the Grove City area include the Grove City Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Potential Punishments For DUI / OVI
In Ohio DUI/OVI cases, there are minimum mandatory punishments and maximum possible punishments.  For example, the minimum sentence for a first DUI/OVI offense includes at least three days in jail, a driver license suspension for at least one year, and a fine of at least $375.  The maximum sentence is up to 180 days in jail, a license suspension for up to three years, and a fine of up to $1,075.  In addition, the sentence for a first offense may include an ignition interlock device, yellow ‘restricted’ plates, and probation for up to five years.  For multiple offenses within ten and twenty years, the minimum and maximum sentences are increased.  The possible punishments are summarized in a table on this site’s ‘DUI/OVI Penalties’ page.

Going To Court For Grove City DUI/OVI Cases
Whether the case is filed in the mayor’s court or the municipal court, the first court appearance, the arraignment, is held within five business days.  At the arraignment, there is typically no meaningful plea bargaining.  Instead, defendants are given the options of pleading guilty, no contest, or not guilty.  If a defendant pleads guilty or no contest, the case is typically finished at the arraignment stage.  If a defendant pleads not guilty, the case is scheduled for a pretrial hearing.  Before the pretrial hearing, a defendant will have the opportunity to review the prosecution’s evidence and prepare a defense.

Before going to the arraignment, it’s a good idea to think through how you will handle the case.  You should decide whether you will plead guilty or fight the OVI, whether you will hire a lawyer, and which lawyer you will hire.  If you decide to hire a lawyer, choosing a good lawyer is very important.  You’ll want to find a lawyer with considerable experience and expertise in DUI/OVI defense. 

DUI/OVI Attorney Serving Grove City, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm has experience and expertise in DUI/OVI defense.  DUI/OVI is the focus of the Dominy Law Firm, and Shawn Dominy has been practicing since 1997.  Shawn Dominy developed expertise in DUI/OVI defense through extensive training in programs for drunk driving detection, blood/urine/breath testing, and field sobriety testing.  The Dominy Law Firm purchased the breath-testing machine used in Grove City DUI/OVI cases to better understand it.

If you would like more information about the firm, please see the About Us page.  For more information about case outcomes and client satisfaction, please see the case results page and the client reviews page.  If you have a DUI/OVI case in Grove City, or if you are a Grove City resident with a DUI/OVI case elsewhere in central Ohio, you can schedule a free phone consultation with the Dominy Law Firm by calling 614-717-1177 or by completing a CONTACT FORM.
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