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DUI/OVI In Delaware, Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm is located just south of Delaware County and regularly represents clients for OVI / DUI in Delaware, Ohio.  This page provides information for individuals charged with DUI/OVI cases in Delaware and also for residents of Delaware County with DUI/OVI cases in other central Ohio courts.  Many DUI/OVI cases are filed in the Delaware area, as the area is patrolled by three law enforcement agencies:  the Delaware Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.  Most of those cases are filed in the Delaware Municipal Court, and some are filed in mayor’s courts located within Delaware County. 

Being accused of DUI/OVI in Delaware, Ohio raises many questions.  When can I drive again?  What is the potential sentence?  What should I do next?  Should I enter a quick plea of guilty or should I contest the DUI/OVI?  If you are asking these types of questions, you are in the right place.  The website of the Dominy Law Firm is full of DUI/OVI information, and that information is applicable to DUI/OVI cases in Delaware, Ohio. 

When Can I Drive Again?
If you’re asking this question, you must have been subjected to an Administrative License Suspension (ALS).  An ALS is imposed in two situations:  (1) if you take a breath/blood urine test and the result is ‘over the limit’, and (2) if you refuse a breath/blood/urine test.  The waiting period for limited driving privileges, and the duration of the ALS, are determined by whether there was a test refusal or a test ‘over the limit’, as well the number of test refusals and/or prior OVI convictions in the previous ten years.  A chart with the driving privileges waiting periods and ALS durations can be found on this website’s ALS page.  The ALS can be challenged in two ways.  First, you can file a motion to terminate the ALS.  Second, you can file an appeal of the ALS.  While the two challenges have similarities, they are different, so it’s important to file both motions. 

What Is The Potential Sentence For DUI/OVI In Delaware, Ohio?
The Delaware Municipal Court has a reputation for tough sentences.  In Ohio DUI/OVI cases, there are minimum penalties and maximum penalties.  For example, the minimum sentence for a first DUI/OVI offense includes at least three days in jail, a driver’s license suspension for at least one year, and a fine of at least $375.  The maximum sentence may be up to 180 days in jail, a license suspension for three years, and a fine up to $1,075.  The sentence may also include probation, yellow license plates, and an ignition interlock system. 

In the Delaware Municipal Court, DUI/OVI sentences often exceed the minimum mandatory minimum sentence.  In addition, the minimum and maximum possible sentences increase for multiple offenses within the “lookback periods” of ten years and 20 years.  A table summarizing the possible punishments is available on the DUI/OVI Penalties page of this site.

What Are My Next Steps?
If you have a DUI/OVI case in Delaware, or if you are a Delaware resident with a DUI/OVI case elsewhere in Ohio, you may wonder what steps you should take first.  The first step is to learn more about DUI/OVI.  You can do that in this website, and you can also do that by reading the book ‘Ohio DUI / OVI Guide’.  The paperback version of that book is available through internet bookstores, and you can download the e-book for free from this site.  After you learn more about DUI/OVI, your next steps are to decide whether you will plead guilty or contest the DUI/OVI, determine whether you will hire an attorney, and decide which attorney you will hire.

Law Firm For Delaware, Ohio DUI/OVI Cases
If you decide to contest the DUI/OVI and hire a lawyer, you will want to research attorneys to find one with expertise in DUI/OVI and experience in Delaware County.  The Dominy Law Firm has expertise in DUI/OVI defense, and the lawyers have considerable experience with cases in Delaware County.  The firm’s office is off State Route 315 (by Hills Market), just south of the Delaware County line, so the attorneys appear regularly in the Delaware County courts. 

To read more about the Dominy Law Firm, please see this site’s About Us page.  As you are conducting your research, you may also want to read about the Dominy Law Firm’s client reviews and case results.  If you finish your research and would like to schedule a free phone consultation, please call 614-717-1177 or email the Dominy Law Firm.

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