Windy Renee Hall, Paralegal

Picture of Windy Renee Hall Paralegal

Windy Renee Hall provides paralegal services for the Dominy Law Firm. With the small firm size, that means Windy assists with every aspect of the practice except court appearances and legal advice. This website page provides more information about Windy.

Windy graduated from high school in central Ohio, attended The Ohio State University, and earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies. After receiving her degree, Windy worked as the paralegal for the two founding partners at a law firm in Orlando, Florida. That firm practiced criminal defense, with a focus on federal white-collar cases. Windy moved back to the Columbus area and worked for several years as a paralegal at CT Corporation, a company which provides corporate legal services and statutory compliance information.

In 2013, Windy formed SAHM Consulting and began working with the Dominy Law Firm. She was pleased to resume working with a criminal defense firm and has a passion for helping clients charged with DUI/OVI, criminal offenses, and serious vehicular crimes. Windy is an associate member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

This page has given you more information about paralegal Windy Renee Hall. There is also information about the firm on the About Us page. If you review the information in this website and would like to arrange a phone consultation with the Dominy Law Firm, you can submit a CONTACT FORM or call 614-717-1177.

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