Client Reviews - The Dominy Law Firm

- DISCLAIMER: These are actual reviews written by real clients represented by the Dominy Law Firm in criminal cases and drunk driving cases in Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio area. However, the results achieved in past cases is not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved in your case because the facts of every case are unique.

OVI Third Offense
I was looking at a third OVI offense with refusal, as well as a speeding ticket, failure to signal and illegal lane change. This would have resulted in a minimum of 60 days in jail, forfeiture of my vehicle and no doubt, loss of employment. After quite a bit of research, I hired Mr. Dominy to represent me. Both Mr. Dominy and his paralegal Windy were both professional, courteous and prompt to answer any and all questions I had. Mr. Dominy was flexible with phone consultations and was even willing to call later than his normal business hours. Mr. Dominy is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. If there are any mistakes made by the arresting officer, he will find them. Mr. Dominy was able to get my charge reduced to a stipulated second offense with all other charges dismissed, no vehicle forfeiture, 2 year driving suspension with work privileges and only 10 days in a “private jail”. Without Mr. Dominy, I doubt any of that would be possible. I highly recommend Mr. Dominy for anyone who is in the situation I was in.
-Shawn, March, 2019

Would Hire Again!
My brother and I hired Brian through Dominy Law Firm to represent our other brother after he was charged with his third DUI within 10 years. We were extremely surprised and thankful with the favorable outcome of the case given the situation and owe Brian a great deal for making that possible. Specifically, the following three things about Brian set him apart from many others that we feel make him very successful:
 1) Brian has strong relationships throughout the Franklin County legal system.
 2) Brian has great expertise and experience working on DUI cases.
 3) Brian’s professionalism.

We appreciated Brian’s way of managing our expectations by continuously providing updates and presenting realistic outcomes given all components of the case. He was able to effectively communicate the options that were on the table and provided great counsel on each given his experience with others in similar situations.   Not only would we hire Brian again, we would recommend him to our family, friends, and others that may be in this unfortunate situation.
-Anonymous, February, 2019

100% Recommend Shawn
My case was really difficult because I did the breath test and there was nothing wrong with it. The prosecutor was a really pain in the butt, and didn't want to make a plea deal at all. By the end of the case, my OVI charges were dropped and I had just a marked lanes violation which is basically the same as a speeding ticket. Shawn really knows what he's talking about. I'm so glad I chose him. Definitely wouldn't bother looking else where. Hire him.
-R.P., February, 2019

Awesome Attorney!
I recently went through a tough time in life and got into some trouble with the law. I connected with Bryan through the Dominy Law Firm. Bryan was extremely knowledgeable about the DUI laws in Ohio, and extremely easy to stay connected to. Which was huge for me while navigating the legal system. I was given the best outcome for my case! Thank you Bryan!
-Jodi B., January, 2019

Great Communicator
Bryan Hawkins was a great lawyer throughout a stressful time. Got my case dismissed and was always available to talk and communicate about the case. Definitely recommended!
-Anonymous, January, 2019

Got The OVI Charge Dropped
During a very stressful time with my son related to an OVI (+ host of other charges), Shawn was able to provide a level of calmness during the entire process. His review of evidence was thorough and provided additional details that I missed when reviewing. He didn’t over promise anything and was very objective in interpreting the evidence and providing feedback to my wife and me. Shawn ultimately got the OVI charge dropped. He was well prepared and his top team kept us informed at all times.
-Client's Father, November, 2018

He Would Be My First Call
Shawn was great throughout the entire process. I enjoyed his calm demeanor and ability to thoroughly explain things. If I ever needed a lawyer again, he would be my first call.
-B.R., September, 2018

Bryan Is Superb!
I hired Bryan for my OMVI case and he did a superb job in representing me. He took all the time I needed to explain my case to me. He worked with the prosecutor to get my charges reduced and a favorable outcome was achieved. I hope never to need him again, but would not hesitate for a moment if I did.
-Al, September, 2018

Excellent Lawyer And Staff, Highly Recommend!
From the first call to the final disposition in my case, the Dominy Law Firm was truly amazing. Shawn listened intently, explained the process, what to expect, possible outcomes, etc... like a true professional.  I was facing some possible hard sanctions as a result of a 3rd OVI and Shawn made me feel at ease with the entire process. He worked relentlessly with the prosecutor and was able to negotiate a plea bargain that truly resulted in the most positive outcome I could expect from the situation. 
Shawn and his staff, most notably Windy, kept me informed on all aspects of the case and expectations every step of the way.  I highly recommend Shawn Dominy as your go-to lawyer for any OVI-related offense.
-Gary, August, 2018

Great OVI Attorney
Excellent, knowledgeable.  Consulted Bryan on a legal matter.  He gave me great advice.  I highly recommend him.
-Anoymous, August, 2018

Exceptional Legal Representation
Had I not hired Shawn Dominy to represent me, my legal fate would have been severe. I wholly endorse his representation to any one faced with a DUI or OVI. Be assured, that without his help, going into court would be the equivalent of diving into shark infested waters without protection. Mr. Dominy is bright, personable, and a credit to his profession. He takes his practice seriously and he places his clients interests above all.
-David, July, 2018

Strong Attention To Detail & Profound Knowledge Of The Law, OVI-Related Charges & The Legal Process
Shawn recently represented me for a case which resulted in an arrest for OVI, open container & a traffic signal indication and my license was revoked immediately. I cooperated at the scene for all 3 field sobriety tests. Later, I refused the breathalyzer test at the station. Having had a few drinks earlier, I personally felt that I didn’t want to potentially arm the prosecution with any additional recorded evidence to use against me.
Shawn Dominy was highly recommended from a lawyer friend as being “The Best” in his field. Therefore, I didn’t waste time talking to other lawyers or price shopping, but instead retained Shawn pretty quickly. He called me back within a half hour of my initial inquiry, which caught me off-gaurd, as I didn’t expect that. From the start, I was impressed by his knowledge of the law, his attention to detail, his thoroughness in examining the details of the case & his regular consistent communication (through emails, phone calls & in person) in terms that I could understand. He calmed my worries a bit because he was not intimidating when I asked questions or needed further clarification. He always called within minutes of our scheduled conference calls.

Mr Dominy was very quick to file any & all potential paperwork, above and beyond what he “might” need as the case unfolded. He also made sure I was kept up to date on the status of what was happening behind the scenes. Luckily, when I was finally seen in court 3 weeks out from my offense—which was not within 5 days of the offense per the law—his due diligence in filing allowed for a Stay of the Administrative License Suspense to be granted. His quick filing of paperwork & his attention to using “details in the law” to his advantage, was the ONLY reason my license was reinstated that day. Surpring to me still, this means I got my license back 3 wks after my initial offense! This also meant I was able to drive for an additional 2 1/2 months while my case was still pending. I would not have been able to legally drive had Shawn not filed a motion to terminate the ALS, which he did immediately after I retained him. This definitely improved morale & helped me and my family better function & tackle what needed done everyday in a less stressful way.

My case just ended & all the original charges were dropped. A plea was offered for Physical Control, which is a no point, non-moving violation. In accepting that plea, I was given less than all the mandatory, minimum sentences with the original charges. My sentence included 6 months driving suspension which was backdated to the time of the offense (instead of 12 months minimum), 6 months non-reporting probabtion (instead of a minimum of a year) and 3 day alcohol education course was offered (in place of 3 days mandatory jail time). Personally, this seemed like a “best case scenario” & was not something I was sure could happen without a trial. Shawn allowed me to make my own decisions, based on what was offered & didn’t try to influence my decisions. When weighing all the options though, I sincerely believed and agreed with Mr. Dominy that we could probably win a trial & be found “not guilty”. However, for me, it was important to plead guilty to the reduced charges that were offered & accept whatever sentence the judge ordered I could finally move on and put this all behind me sooner.

I haven’t had time to do my research yet, so I’m not sure what the Physical Control charge will look like with my insurance company or the BMV. However, I’m fairly certain the zero points will look way better in comparison to that of an OVI & the related charges. Through all this, I learned a lot about the legal process. I hope to never have to use Shawn Dominy as a defense lawyer in the future personally, but I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to others who find themselves in a similar predicament. He’s good & knows his stuff.
-Anonymous Client, July, 2018

Forever Grateful
Shawn's a great attorney and a really good guy. He helped me with my case and did everything in a timely fashion and was well worth the money. My family is forever grateful.
-S.J., May, 2018

He Convinced The Judge In My Case To Dismiss All Evidence
Shawn took a great amount of time with me to explain certain important aspects of my case, more than any other lawyer I have dealt with. Shawn is extremely smart and fought hard on my case. He proved all necessary points and convinced the judge in my case to dismiss all evidence, which I thought would never happen. He got all my major charges dismissed in my OVI case, which saved my career. I did a lot of research on lawyers and I would recommend him over any lawyer in Ohio.
-L.H., April, 2018

Also A Good And Caring Man
Shawn is a very knowledgeable and competent attorney. He is also a good and caring man. He managed my case with an expertise that left me surprised and in awe. He won every argument with the judge and prosecutor, quoting laws from memory and being accurate every time. He really did his homework on the case and headed off the prosecution at every angle. He is very highly recommended in my book!
-M.C., January, 2018

Knowledgeable And Set My Mind At Ease
Shawn conveyed a lot of knowledge and demonstrated an expert understanding of the law. He knew the local system and the judges, helped explain the issues and situations i was facing.
-Christopher, December, 2017

Knowledgeable And Personable, Records Sealed/Expunged
Shawn was very helpful and streamlined the record sealing process for me. Easy to work with and responsive to questions and concerns. Completely satisfied with his work for me.
-Ben, November, 2017

I Would Highly Recommend Shawn
First contacting Shawn was a little scary for me as I was already nervous about my whole situation. After leaving a voicemail I received a call within minutes explaining what I needed to do and how he could help me out. I was given all the information I needed (fees, steps to proceed with, etc). The email payments were extremely helpful to me and were very fast. I loved the fact that he was truthful to meeting times and dates. I was facing a second DUI charge with a high test and failure to control. We were able to get the high test and failure to control thrown out which helped my case a lot. I still had to plead guilty to the charge of OVI. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone facing one of these charges as he was very diligent with the judges and prosecutors. Thank you Shawn for all your help!!
-Michael, November, 2017

Elite Attorney
Shawn is a wonderful person and an elite attorney. Being represented by him gives you complete peace of mind knowing you are in good hands, with someone very well educated and rehearsed in the legal process. Not only is he going to get you the best legal outcome, he is very honest, understanding, supportive, flexible, etc. I know a lot of Lawyers in the Columbus area, but Shawn is amongst the best you can work with, hands down.
-M.A., September, 2017

Knowledgeable, Attentive, & Professional
Shawn was calm and focused from the first meeting, which was a huge relief in a difficult situation. Throughout the court process, I received detailed updates and Shawn always had a helpful answer to my questions. The charges ended up getting reduced and I was ecstatic to not have an OVI conviction. I'd recommend Shawn to anyone--he really pays attention to the details and fights for your best interes
-Jen, September, 2017

Best Possible Outcome
I was able to hire Shawn and basically turn off my brain and let him deal with everything and everyone. He made it very easy, and I got the best possible outcome.
-Anonymous, September, 2017

Awesome Attorney!!
Shawn really pays attention to the details.  He knows how to use the law to your advantage.  Excellent attorney!!
-Seth, June, 2017

You Seemed To Honestly Care
I sincerely appreciate your knowledge, honesty, and openness.  You seemed to honestly care about me, the outcome, and my comfort through the process.  I thank you for your help through a difficult process.  I would definitely recommend you to friends and family.
-Anonymous, June, 2017

Made Me Feel More Comfortable
You were very helpful to me.  You made me much more comfortable about going to court.  Thank you so much.
-Haley, June, 2017

An Amazing Attorney
I am certain that hiring Attorney Dominy is the only reason I received a favorable outcome during one of the hardest experiences of my life. Attorney Dominy took time to explain - in exquisite detail - what I was facing and all potential outcomes. His patience and knowledge of the law proved to be exactly what was needed. I am eternally grateful.
-Shanda, April, 2017

Quite Pleased
I was quite pleased with all that Shawn did for me!  There were a few times that I was discouraged, and his calm demeanor and responses allayed that feeling.
-Nancy, January, 2017

Great Attorney For A Difficult Time
I was charged with my 4th OMVI and hired Mr. Dominy to represent me. While this was a very scary process for me to go through Mr. Dominy made me feel calm throughout the process. There was even a random Saturday he took time to speak with me on the phone because I was feeling anxious. I felt like he genuinely cared and even after everything was resolved he walked with me to pay the fine and other items I had to. I feel like he went the extra mile and would highly recommend him. I also had more than a favorable outcome with my circumstances and situation. I do not believe any other attorney would have been able to help me as much as Mr. Dominy did.
- Eric, December, 2016

Very Satisfied!
Shawn is by far the best attorney I've ever met. He is extremely focused and committed to his clientele. Shawn is always accessible and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his clients. There are no words to describe the peace of mind he brings to a very difficult system to navigate.
- Anonymous, November, 2016

Blessed To Have Mr. Dominy Represent Me In Court
I am so thankful that friend of mine had recommended that I use Mr. Dominy to represent me in court. Mr. Dominy and his paralegal are the best team that I could ever hope for.
Mr. Dominy and his paralegal gave me immediate updates on my case, and it seemed that he has a professional system in place that enables his clients to feel the minimum stress that the court process can sometimes way on individuals. I really can't say enough good about Mr. Dominy and his staff.
- Chris, September, 2016

A True Subject Matter Expert
Shawn Dominy quickly displayed his expertise in defending OVI cases at a level that made me immediately comfortable in my decision to hire him. He does an impeccable job of setting the proper expectations throughout the judicial process and is open and honest in regard to the probable outcome. Where Mr. Dominy stands out is in the courthouse. I watched as other attorneys talked their clients into plea deals while Shawn encouraged fighting for the best outcome even if it meant going to trial. I strongly recommend hiring Mr. Dominy if you find yourself charged with OVI or any related offenses.
- K.G., August, 2016

Shawn was awesome, very professional, and just a great guy to talk to. He viewed every aspect of my case and found the small details that got my OVI/DUI dismissed!
- A Consumer, July, 2015

Highly Recommended
I was facing several charges as a result of an OVI arrest. Having never been involved with type of problem, I put myself in a very uncomfortable situation. Shawn was excellent at helping me understand the process and possible outcomes. He was an advocate for me and managed the case to get the best possible outcome. He was successful in working with the prosecution to dismiss all the charges with the exception of the OVI charge. I was very pleased with this result and relieved to hear I received the minimum sentencing. I would recommend Shawn to anyone facing an OVI charge.
-Mark, May, 2016

I Would Definitely Refer You To Others
Shawn, you were great! Your demeanor and confidence really took away a lot of my anxiety. Your knowledge of the law and the way you move within the court system is amazing. Tahnks so much for all that you did. I would definitely refer you to others. Best of luck to you.
-Gary, May, 2016

Professional - Very Satisfied
Shawn was very professional and thorough and explained everything every step of the way. He was always in contact and returned every call made to him. Worth every penny.
-John, April, 2016

Satisfied Client
Shawn successfully represented my son in a case that was reduced to a lesser charge with no probation. He understood the court process and executed his plan as drawn up. Although lawyers can be expensive, we agreed to his fee structure upfront and achieved the desired result. I would definitely retain Shawn again as needed.
-B.B., March, 2016

Impeccable Service--Top Notch
I contacted Mr. Dominy after exhausting other options in DUI lawyer referrals. I'm so glad I found him. In a situation of seeming despair, Mr. Dominy did his very best to thoroughly research my DUI case and obtain all evidence. He utilized his knowledge, expertise and familiarity with the court system where my case was held to obtain the best result possible. I was being faced with 3 misdemeanor level 1 charges (OVI Impairment, OVI over .17 and Fleeing) which could have amounted in jail time, hefty fines and lengthy license suspensions. As a working mother, this would have destroyed me.
Mr. Dominy was able to get 2 of those charges dropped, as well as my initial speeding ticket. I made a bad decision to operate my vehicle under the influence, and I feel the end result was very fair. I'm so appreciative of his promptness and professionalism to make a very scary situation better for me and my family. I would highly recommend his services.
-Sasha, February, 2016

Shawn Is Phenomenal!!!!!
After recently being charged with an, what to do? As you ask yourself. So, I began my search and found Mr. Dominy. He was brilliant. Very attentive, precise and informative towards all actions on me and my case. I can not thank him enough for getting the OVI charge reduced. He did everything possible to make that happen. I appreciate everything that he worked hard to do for me.
-Kelly, December, 2015

The Man Works Magic
I was looking at a Physical control OVI charge. License suspension, 3 day class, all that. Shawn got it reduced to persistent disorderly conduct. I paid a fine, saw a counselor once and that was that. Even the clerk at the court was shocked to see my charge reduced. The man works magic. I had consulted with 6+ lawyers before I chose Shawn. Yes, his fees are on the higher end of the spectrum, but it was absolutely worth it. I don't know if another lawyer would have been able to do this. I am incredibly thankful I chose Shawn as my lawyer. He was also always available - If I called, he would call me back the same day. Many lawyers are not so responsive.
-Y.E., August, 2015

Great first experience with a lawyer!
Shawn has a very extensive knowledge of the law. He was able to look over my case and see the facts that got the prosecutor to drop the case for my OVI!
-Chuck, July, 2015

Highly Recommended
Very knowledgeable and kept me informed at all times. My ovi charge was reduced and he did everything he could to make it happen. He really looks out for you and tries to provide the best possible outcome . If he found something new he'd let me know right away. I appreciate everything you've done for me. Thank you.
-Kyle, June, 2015

I Would Recommend Mr. Dominy Highly
My case was considered a criminal case. I found Mr. Dominy to be non-judgmental, attentive and very knowledgeable. He walked me through all the steps in my case and the subsequent trial and sentencing. I would recommend Mr, Dominy highly and I hope that anyone who needs a good and fair lawyer will find him. I will always recommend him.
-Cydney, April, 2015

I Cannot Thank You Enough
Extremely great job. Everything worked out perfectly as planned. I cannot thank you enough! You really helped me out and made this process easy.
-A.M., April, 2015

Don't Call Another Attorney: Shawn Is The Best
I was charged with an OVI recently and was innocent of the charge (I'm sure thats what everyone says right?). After 6 months, my case was dismissed and I "won". He fought for me every step of the way. His office was ALWAYS in contact with me throughout the entire process. He was always available for any questions or concerns. He was relentless in filing requests for evidence from the prosecution. His repeated and timely actions finally led to the dismissal of the case because the prosecution was unable to provide the evidence needed to continue the case. During the case, I never felt that he should be doing more to represent me. If you are considering hiring an attorney to represent you, call him ASAP. He will listen to your case and give you an honest assessment your situation.
-T.O., February, 2015

Very Satisfied; Highly Recommend
I am very grateful that I chose Shawn Dominy to represent me in my OVI case. Apart from a few minor traffic violations, I had never run into trouble with the law before this past summer. I knew that I wanted a good lawyer to help reduce my charge as much as possible, but had no idea where to turn. I went to Shawn's website after getting a recommendation from a friend and decided that this was the best person to represent me. Although Shawn is not the cheapest lawyer in the area, he has years of experience and knowledge specifically in the area of OVIs, and thus knows the laws pertaining to these cases better than anyone else. I figured that I was out a ton of money either way - I might as well spend a little more to get the best OVI specialist in the area and the best possible outcome to my case.

I am very pleased with Shawn and would absolutely recommend him to others. After expressing concerns about the effects this charge would have on my career and my future (I know several individuals who have lost their jobs because of OVI charges), Shawn did everything possible to help reduce the charge and make sure it would not show up on future background checks. In addition to reducing my DUI charge to reckless operation and reducing my fine and license suspension, Shawn treated me with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. He constantly kept me informed of updates to the case, and allowed me to make my own decisions with his counsel. He was very supportive and made me feel much more comfortable during this very stressful time. I am very pleased with the results of my case and highly recommend Shawn to anyone else in need of representation for an OVI case.
-A Client, January, 2015

Great Lawyer

Shawn got my wife's OVI charge reduced drastically and more importantly kept my wife out of jail. My wife would be in much worse shape today had he not had the knowledge and understanding of our specific situation. He appeared multiple times and saved us thousands of dollars. GREAT lawyer.

- S.L., December, 2014

Took The Stress Out Of My DUI Case

Having Shawn for my lawyer took the stress out of my DUI case. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. We appreciated his confident, calming demeanor. It doesn't take long to see that he is a nice, good person.

- M.B., December, 2014

I Couldn't Ask For A Better Outcome

I can't begin to thank you enough for your help representing me in this court case. I couldn't ask for a better outcome and I'm so glad my innocence was proven true. I couldn't have done it without you. You were by my side from the beginning to the end and that will never be forgotten.

- R.G., November, 2014

He Calmed All Of My Fears And Anxiety

Shawn did more than just represent me in court. He calmed all of my fears and anxiety I was having. Shawn is not only an amazing lawyer but he was an amazing supporter. Shawn didn't just act as my lawyer, he took on a role as my friend when I needed one the most. Thank you Shawn.

- Melissa, November, 2014

I Was Treated As An Individual Not Just A Case

I can with out hesitation highly recommend Mr. Shawn Dominy. Mr. Dominy treated my legal matter in a professional and caring manner. Being worried and upset, he made sure I knew exactly what was going on with my case and what I needed to do to prepare for the hearing. I was treated as a individual not just a case, during this extremely difficult time. Mr. Dominy's handwork, friendliness and communication makes for a fantastic lawyer to have by your side. Thanks so much!

- A Client, November, 2014

From Scary To Simple

I came to Shawn Dominy with a tough DUI situation. There were quite a few details of my case that made me tough to defend and were working against me with my case. After speaking to quite a few different Central Ohio DUI Attorneys the day after my arrest, I had the best feeling about what Mr. Dominy had to say. From the beginning, he was very professional, transparent, and did not over promise. He stuck to the facts and was very informed in regards to the law. As this was my first offense and included a high charge, I was going into this situation with very little knowledge and experience. Mr. Dominy kept me informed on the law and was very proactive with each aspect of my case. He communicated with me via email and phone and was extremely efficient. When I had questions, no matter how minor or ignorant, Mr. Dominy treated each response with care, professional demeanor, and urgency. Mr. Dominy walked me through each step of the process with ease and without judgment. Ultimately, I was able to get my high charge reduced and walk away with reasonable consequences for my mistake. Even upon the conclusion of my settlement, Mr. Dominy continued to provide additional explanation and follow ups for what needed to be done. I would highly recommend Shawn Dominy to anyone facing a DUI charge in Central Ohio. His knowledge, push for action, ease in communication, and professional demeanor made a daunting experience much less intimidating.

- Sara, October, 2014

Very Pleased With The Outcome

Shawn is the most knowledgeable, courteous, and educated attorney I know. Both times he has represented me, I have been very pleased with the outcome.

- A.N., July, 2014

I'm Glad You Were My Lawyer

Thank you so much! I found you under 'Best DUI Lawyers', and you were the number one. I'm glad you were my lawyer, and I really appreciate you. I'll recommend you to everybody, you are the best! God bless you!

- E.V., June, 2014

You Had A Solid Game Plan From The Start

Very calming. Made me feel "in the know" about all the details, even down to the personalities of the judges. Granted, we really lucked out with the loss of the cruiser video, but you had a solid game plan from the start. Thank you.

- Amy, April, 2014

Extremely Helpful During A Tough Time

You were extremely helpful during a tough time in my life and helped me worry less because you let me know step by step what was happening. Windy was also awesome because she responded so quickly to all emails. I hope I do not find myself in need of your services again, but if I do, I couldn't think of anyone better to represent me. If I have any family or friends who find themselves in a similar situation to me, I will highly recommend you. That you for all of your help.

- A.B., April, 2014

He Was Able To Have My Charge Of DUI Lowered

When I found myself in need of representation, I did not know where to go so I called around to several different lawyers. After speaking with numerous lawyers the conversation I had with Mr. Dominy stuck out the most to me because he was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but he was also relatable. During a very stressful and scary time in my life Mr. Dominy was able to provide me peace of mind. Throughout the process he kept me well informed and quickly responded to all of my questions. I especially liked that we were able to do the majority of our communication thru email because it was very convenient. Mr. Dominy was able to have my charge of OVI lowered even with my participation in some field sobriety tests. I would highly recommend Mr. Dominy to anyone I know in a similar situation.

- Ashley, March, 2014

Willing To Take The Time On Each Case For The Best Possible Outcome

Shawn was very knowledgeable regarding the law, was there and made me feel comfortable in every step of the process. He got my case dismissed and walked to through the expungement process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a hands-on, knowledgeable lawyer that is willing to take the time on each case for the best possible outcome.

- Sarah, February, 2014

Overall A Great Experience

I first researched lawyers and came across Shawn Dominy. I read his website and felt comfortable. I contacted Shawn immediately. After I was charged and summoned to court, I met with Shawn to discuss my options. Shawn was very informative regarding my case. He was always available to answer questions or concerns of mine and put me at ease with the situation at hand. Regarding my case, we contacted a lot through email and Shawn responded in a timely and professional manner. He always makes himself available to answer or talk about anything. Once we decided the route to take for my case, Shawn kept me very informed with the court processes and documents that needed to be signed etc. Fortunately, for my case, the process was simple as this was my first criminal charge and Shawn sought diversion for my case. I was awarded diversion and my case was dismissed. Following the dismissal Shawn walked me down to the courthouse to help me file expungement for my case free of charge and walked me through the process. I would recommend Shawn Dominy, as he took my case seriously, was informative and always there to guide you through the process and reach the best possible outcome for your case. Overall a great experience with Shawn and would refer him to any others down the road if needed.

- S.K., December, 2013

Absolutely Great

Absolutely great representation. I will recommend you any time I have a chance.

- J.S., December, 2013

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Thank you very much for your representation.

- E.S., November, 2013

Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend Shawn, who recently represented me for the charge of OVI and a Marked Lanes violation. I had a very favorable outcome including the dismissal of the OVI charge and a termination of the one-year Administrative License Suspension. Shawn was knowledgeable, respectful, and most importantly non-judgmental through the entire process. Facing the OVI charge was very scary. Shawn put me at ease with his consistent communication and willingness to fully explore all options available to me. I am confident Shawn is the best at what he does!

- Tanya, September, 2013

I Knew You Were Giving Your All

It was clear from our first phone conference that I’d made the right decision hiring you to represent me. Very friendly, accommodating, and even smarter when it came to OVI laws. The most nerve-wracking months of my life somehow seemed less so because I knew you were giving your all for my outcome to be positive which of course it was. In a perfect world I would’ve never needed your help, but I’m glad I did in a way. Most of all, I appreciated the personal relationship you form with your clients. On a ‘scale of 1 to 10’, you get a 10+. Thanks Shawn!

- L.S., September, 2013

I Would Highly Recommend Mr. Dominy

Mr Dominy is very knowledgeable and kept me from spending jail time by having the documents to show it was not legal in my case. He worked very hard to reduce my charges and I thank him for that.

- Juvenile client, September, 2013

Nothing Less Than Satisfied

It has been a pleasure working with you! We have been nothing less than satisfied with all that you’ve done.

- E.S., August, 2013

The Most Highly Recommended Attorney In Columbus!

Shawn represented me in an OVI case over a year ago and he provided me with great information as to what my options were in regards to the case and worked diligently to ensure that all the facts were accurately represented. Because of his relentless determination, the pending charges of my case was reduced to physical control which is the best outcome that you could hope for given the circumstances. I highly recommend Shawn to anyone that is in a similar situation.

- Leslie, August, 2013

Great Attorney!

My first and only time in court was for underage and ovi. Shawn was very informative and helped me understand everything that was going on with our court appearances. He was knowledgeable about everything he did and left me at ease that my case my being taken care of. He ended up getting my ovi down to reckless op and 6 month probation for the underage but no criminal record for underage, which was such a relief. Have recommended him to friends who have also gotten an ovi.

- Ana, August, 2013

Great Job!

Great job! No Issues. Thanks again.

- K.M., July, 2013

Extremely Knowledgeable And Professional

Shawn was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Throughout my experience, I had confidence that I would be taken care of because of his abilities. I would most certainly recommend him to any friend/family member. Thank you!

- A.C., June, 2013

Fee Is Costly But Experience Worth It

Very short notice to acquire Mr. Dominy’s services. Spoke with me on Sunday night before arraignment. Fee is costly but experience worth it. Flat fee is a plus. Guided me thorugh legal process with professional expertise. Returned calls and emails quickly. Thank you for your services Shawn and Windy.

- C.Y., April, 2013

Could Not Have Asked For A Better Attorney

I could not have asked for a better attorney. I really appreciate how available you made yourself to me (returning phone calls promptly, emailing me, and meeting with me at the coffee shop). You helped me through one of the most difficult, most stressful times of my life. Thank you so, so much.

- K.S., February, 2013

Professional and Helpful

Thanks again for everything. You were very professional and helpful.

- K.F., January, 2013

I Will Definitely Recommend You

I really appreciate your help guiding me through the legal process and significantly reducing my charge. If I come across anyone with a similar legal situation, I will definitely recommend you to them.

- G.P., May, 2012

It Was A Pleasure Having You Represent Me

I thank you for the knowledgeable information you provided in regards to my case and thoroughly communicating and relaying to me updates as it pertained to my situation. It was a pleasure having you represent me and again I truly thank you for all your help.

- L.P., May, 2012

Easy To Work With

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with during the process.

- M.R., February, 2012

Top Notch In Every Regard

Thank you so much for representing me. I will highly recommend you in the future. You were top notch in every regard. Thank you so much!!

- D.W., January, 2012