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- DISCLAIMER: These are actual reviews written by real clients represented by the Dominy Law Firm in criminal cases and drunk driving cases in Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio area. However, the results achieved in past cases is not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved in your case because the facts of every case are unique.

Exceptional Legal Expertise
I recently had the pleasure of working with Bryan and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. I was extremely anxious about potential consequences. However, Bryan demonstrated unparalleled reliability, extensive legal knowledge, and outstanding negotiation skills. From our first consultation, Bryan was exceptionally thorough, taking the time to understand every detail of my situation. His in-depth understanding of laws and related defenses was immediately evident, and he outlined a clear, strategic plan to address the charges. Throughout the process, Bryan kept me informed and reassured, always available to answer my questions and provide guidance. Bryan's professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to my case made a world of difference. Bryon and his team truly exceeded my expectations.
-Bill, May, 2024

Extremely Thankful
Mr. Dominy was amazing to work with- the type of person you want to employ all the time, but unfortunately cannot. (Unless you treat DUIs like collectibles.) From the beginning, I felt like my character was understood and I could be myself; I knew I had the right attorney in my corner. Mr. Dominy is very knowledgeable, educated, and professional. He made the entire process smooth and painless.
-Heather, May, 2024
Worth Every Penny
Worth every penny and a knowledgeable, cool dude. He ended up saving me money, my license and my life. 1 charge dropped, 1 reduced and getting back license earlier than expected. Highly recommend This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
-PJ, April, 2024

Good Job
Very please with my results due to the circumstances. Will always recommend this law firm to anyone who needs great representation.
-Anonymous, March, 2024
Professional, Responsive and Thorough
He was able to review the information given and dig deeper for more questions and answers that resulted in a positive outcome. Told me the facts about possible outcomes, choices and was able guide through all the process. I highly recommend his services if you find yourself in need.
-Anonymous Client, March, 2024
Top Notch Attorney
I was referred to Bryan for a recent OVI charge. He did an absolutely amazing job. He was responsive and very knowledgeable about my options. The overall outcome of my case was better than even my best hopes for the situation.
-James, February, 2024
Bryan Was Great
Bryan was great.  His knowledge of my situation and the potential outcome was strong.  He was super professional with my entire family.  I will be contacting him again.
-Anonymous, February, 2024

Helpful and Professional
Bryan was responsive and helpful with everything. I appreciate his attention to detail and would recommend him. Thank you.
Katie, February, 2024

Extremely Pleased Client
From the first call with Shawn I knew that I had made the right choice for representation. I hired Shawn's firm to help me get a record sealed/expunged. Once they had agreed to take on the case, the process began quickly and was expertly handled with very little required of me. I met Shawn the morning of the scheduled hearing and he was able to get the expungement order signed by the judge without me even needing to appear. I do not expect to have a need for Shawn's services again, but I know that he will be the first attorney I recommend to others.
-Anonymous Client, January, 2024
Helpful With All Aspects
Bryan helped me through a very stressful situation. He was able to help with all court related questions and got back to me quickly each time. He ventured many avenues to find evidence to support my case. I recommend him to anyone!
-Madeline, January, 2024
Awesome Lawyer!
I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional legal representation provided by Mr. Dominy. His expertise and dedication have been pivotal in not only safeguarding my career and future but also in navigating a complex legal situation with utmost proficiency. Mr. Dominy's strategic approach, thorough knowledge of the law, and unwavering commitment have made a profound impact on my case. I appreciate his professionalism, effective communication, and the tireless effort he invested in achieving a favorable outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Dominy to anyone seeking a highly skilled and reliable attorney.
-ES, November, 2023

Excellent and Completely Satisfied
5-star rating for Mr. Dominy. He was professional and took my case seriously from the initial phone call consultation. Mr. Dominy was very clear with explaining the details of the allegations, the laws involved, the potential outcomes, the legal procedures, and my options. All of this was a first time for me, so he took the time to make sure I understood everything and provided very clear counsel every step of the way. Highest recommendation. The outcome was favorable and likely only possible with the experience and counsel from Mr. Dominy.
-D.S., August, 2023

Far More Than Amazing
Emails were answered same day, and phone calls were returned immediately.  Bryan eased my anxiety on more than one occasion, and he felt like he was a friend helping me out in a tough situation.  His representation was far more than amazing, and I owe him my future. 
-N.C., July, 2023

Shawn was very professional & knowledgeable. He was very responsive to emails, phone calls, & texts giving the case focus & attention. He walked through step by step & gave comfort to a very tough situation.
-Jared, July, 2023
Truly Grateful
I always felt confident with Shawn Dominy by my side in the courtroom-- he's definitely the lawyer I would recommend to family and close friends. My case is unique in that I was pulled over for OVI the night I got engaged. It was reduced to physical control and 6 months of probation. I completed my application for work driving privileges. When they were granted, I noticed Shawn also included taking my future stepchildren to school and their other household. Shawn's care and attention to detail with his clients is amazing!
-Kara, June, 2023

Words Cannot Express My Gratitude
Thank you Bryan!  You, Mr. Dominy, and Ms. Windy have made this very stressful situation an easy process with outstanding results. I will not need your services in the future, however, I will happily and urgently refer you to others. *** Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done.
-Jennifer, June, 2023

Very Satisfied With Your Work
I am very grateful for how you helped me.  You are a very professional lawyer. I know my case was complicated, but you solved it very well.  I am very satisfied with your work, and I would recommend you to any family member or friend.  Thank you so much for everything you did on my case.  You did very, very well.  God Bless You!!
-S.H., May, 2023

Worth Every Penny
Bryan was responsive and easy to work with. His counsel helped me through a stressful situation and provided reassurance that I had the proper representation for my case. I was initially charged with 2 first degree misdemeanors and ended up pleading to a single 4th degree misdemeanor charge. In my opinion, this outcome is why attorneys are worth the money. Thank you Bryan!
-Eric, November, 2022

Amazing Attorney
So grateful that I got blessed with Bryan as my attorney.  He was always in communication and was always straight forward. For my situation, it could have been a lot worse since this was my second offense and he got it reduced to a lesser offense, which was a big win for me. Bryan is an amazing attorney who is always for his client.
-Anonymous Client, October, 2022

Really Helpful and Really Understanding
He was really helpful and also really understanding. He had a really good grasp on law around dui and ovi I would highly recommend him in any similar case.
-Erin, September, 2022

Professional and a High Degree of Knowledge
Shawn Dominy is very professional and knows what he's doing. The communication was excellent as he and his staff explained the process every step of the way. Complete satisfaction!
-Anonymous, August, 2022

Outstanding Attorney
Bryan did a great job with my case from day one. He had an uphill challenge with my case due to being in an accident but he was fantastic and was able to get the charges reduced. He was honest with me throughout the process and was always available for my questions. Bottom line, I always felt like Bryan was fighting for me and had my best interest at heart. I can't think Bryan enough and would highly recommend him to anybody in an OVI situation.
-Gary, August, 2022

Clearly an Expert
Bryan was super easy to work with, and was always readily available. He is clearly an expert in the OVI field, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an OVI lawyer.
-Gavin, August, 2022

Amazing Lawyer
Shawn is absolutely amazing at what he does! He is always two steps ahead of the case and makes sure you stay up to date on everything going on. Anytime we tried to reach him, he emailed or text back as soon as he could and we were never left waiting. I highly recommend him if going through an OVI situation. He knows the ins and outs of everything and you are never left in the dark.
-Brian and Courtney, July, 2022

Highly Recommend
If you find yourself in need of a DUI/OVI attorney, you can trust in Shawn. I was charged with an 'OVI' and an 'OVI per se' and sought out a good attorney to help me through it. It was the first time I had ever been charged with something. Shawn walked me through every step of the way from the very first consultation. He is extremely knowledgable in his field and will answer your questions in a timely manner. With his scientific knowledge of breathalyzer tests, he was able to drop my 'OVI per se' charge. The 'OVI' charge was amended to a physical control, a much better outcome. The process is much less scary when you have Shawn on the case.
-Anonymous, June, 2022

Great OVI Defense Attorney
Having never been charged with a criminal offense before, I was faced with a lot of uncertainty when I received my OVI charge. However, from the start, Bryan led me through the process through every step. In the end, Bryan made a real difference in my case and I would recommend him to anyone that is going through something similar.
-Anonymous Client, May, 2022

Best Around, Class Act.
I had the misfortune of needing Mr. Dominy's counsel to help me in my OVI case. I was charged with a OVI per se, OVI impaired, speeding, marked lanes violation, and reckless driving, with a high urine alcohol levels, more than double the legal limit. I did not know what to expect, as I've never faced any kind of issues with the law. From the first contact Mr. Dominy has been nothing short of professional and thorough, from gathering the facts, the evidence, and putting the case together. He did an amazing job explaining to me, every step of the way and gave me timely advice to be ahead of the curve.

He sent me a copy of the book he wrote on OVI (Ohio DUI/OVI Guide) to get familiar with the articles, the penalties and to start defining what would be my best and worse case scenarios. He was straight forward, which I appreciated and laid the situation down for me to understand where I was headed.

Mr. Dominy's expertise in the area, helped to get the best outcome, by far. This outcome means, no points on my driving license, no increased insurance premiums and no damaging OVI convictions that could lead to loss of employment/income. This was better than the best case scenario I was hoping for.

I could not have come anywhere close to such an outcome, if it was not for Mr. Dominy and I cannot recommend him enough to anyone going through such a challenge. I do not wish on needing his services ever again, but should happen, I have his number on speed dial. lol Thanks Mr. Dominy!

Turned Out Great
Bryan was very thorough and professional. I appreciated all of the communication I received. He helped me explore my options. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
-Isaac, April, 2022

Best OVI Defense Lawyer
Facing the unknown of an OVI arrest, I contacted Bryan Hawkins for representation, and I'm grateful I did. Bryan led me through the court process, used his expertise to create a solid defense and made all the difference in my case. I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan Hawkins to anyone in the same situation.
-Seth, April, 2022