Client Reviews - The Dominy Law Firm (2006- 2011)

-DISCLAIMER: These are actual reviews written by real clients represented by the Dominy Law Firm in criminal cases and drunk driving cases in Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio area. However, the results achieved in past cases is not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved in your case because the facts of every case are unique.

Great Attorney, Great Person

Excellent attorney. I have only had to deal with the courts through an attorney once, though I have been in more trouble than that. He understood my needs and concerns at the time and what he needed to do to meet them. Very nice person in general, well spoken. I am very happy with what he did. He is a, I guess to say, good legal acquaintence with the prosecutors and outlined that how much more trouble it would be for them to pursue chargers rather then give me a bond forfeiture and let me off. Understands how things works in the courts and uses that to his advantage. I would go back to him again if need be, and for my sake I greatly hope I never need be.

- DUI client, July, 2011

No Need To Look Further

Shawn is not only a very good attorney, but is also a people person. I have always cringed when attorneys came up in conversation and had a bad experience with a Divorce Attorney in the past. Unfortunately for me I needed Shawn, but Fortunately for me I found Shawn because he truly is a gentlmen when it comes to providing the services that were needed to help me during my situation. Although I had lots of questions, Shawn gave me a fair price and treated me with the utmost respect. I don't believe there is enough room in this little box to provide the type of positive feedback required to show anyone just how great Shawn was.

- Jason, June, 2011


Mr. Dominy is a fantastic lawyer. When I got charged with an ovi, I was so scared, but he explained to me step by step what was going to happen and answered all my questions not matter how stupid I thought they were. He got my case dropped down to a physical control. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

- Christine, June, 2011

Very Professional. Great Job.

Very Professional. Even with Judge ***. I was told by many people including my PO that it was a surprisingly light reduced sentence for the particular charge & record. Great Job!

- D.K., April, 2011

Don’t Change A Thing

Don’t change a thing from my standpoint. Just keep doing your thing. I appreciate all your help.

- B.J., March, 2011

Dominy A Driven Expert And True Professional At Defending OVI/DUI

Shawn Dominy was calm, collected, yet driven through the proceedings of my case. His ability to communicate and build relationships with those in the Ohio Public Court System were obvious and apparent, making him a well respected presence in the halls of the Ohio State Court House in Columbus. He carefully considered all of my options and explained them to me in a manor that was easy to comprehend. In the unfortunate event of an OVI charge it is imperative to develop the ability to keep a positive attitude and learn from mistakes. Shawn helped me do this, making the case less stressful for me. With Shawn's representation of me, I always considered myself in to be in good hands. The end results of my case were suspended fines, a suspended jail sentence and a reduced license suspension. I highly recommend Shawn Dominy.

- DUI client, March, 2011

You are Great!!

Thank you so much for representing me!! You are great!! I appreciate everything you done for me.

- T.B., March, 2011

Expertise & Professionalism

Your expertise & professionalism are outstanding. Without your help, we would have been in serious trouble. Thanks again!

- T.M., November, 2010

Extremely Glad

Extremely glad that I had your representation. Thank You.

- G.R., October, 2010

Unconditional Recommendation

Shawn represented me as a criminal defense attorney and could not have been better. He was very thorough from the beginning and kept me informed of what to expect as my case moved through the process. My case did go to trial, where he not only defended me with a high degree of competence, but also with dignity and integrity. He did exactly what he said he would do and didn't promise me anything he couldn't deliver.

- Criminal defense client, September, 2010

Timely Manner

Thanks for taking care of everything in a timely manner and not making me feel like a pin head.

- D.W., September, 2010


I recently chose to have Shawn Dominy represent me during the proceedings that followed my being charged with a DUI. It would have been my second offense in a county that is notorious for harsh verdicts in DUI cases. Mr. Dominy's knowledge and expertise were crucial in obtaining the end result: the charge was lowered to a mild misdemeanor. His efforts safegaurded both my current and future lifestyle, employment prospects, and even state of mind. The outcome was better than I ever would have dreamed possible given my circumstances. Mr. Dominy clearly knows all of the "ins and outs" of his profession. His caring and supportive candor was invaluable when it came to getting me through the process emotionally. I never had to worry about being well informed about what was going on, and his insight and skill made me feel as if I had some sort of secret weaopn on my side. This was not the first time that I have been represented by Shawn Dominy, and there is a reason for that. It is my most sincere hope that I never get myself into a situation like that ever again. However, if by some chance I do, I know just who to call. Thanks Shawn.

- DUI client, September, 2010


In a word, excellent.

- D.A., August, 2010

Great Attorney

Shawn was extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. There was not a time when either he or Annmarie did not get back with me promptly when any questions or concerns arose. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and took the time necessary to explain things in terms I could understand. I would highly recommend Shawn to any friends that may need his services in the future.

- E.D., August, 2010

The Go To Guy

You are “the go to guy” for my family and close friends. I really like email vs phone once I know I’m comfortable and confident – we took little time establishing this level of trust for me!

- J.H., July, 2010

Pleased, Relieved, & Reassured

Extremely pleased, relieved & reassured. Thank you taking control of a situation that could have gotten out of control. I felt much relieved after speaking with you.

- J. R., May, 2010

Anticipated The Prosecution’s Tactics

I am very impressed by your preparation and ability to retain the facts of the case. You always anticipated the prosecution tactics and defended accordingly. I will have no reservation in recommending you if ever the need should arise.

- T.W., March, 2010

Made Me Feel Really Comfortable

Thank you Shawn, I appreciate all your help in this case. You made me feel really comfortable, and relieved so much anxiety I had pertaining to this case. Take care and thanks again.

- J.R., March, 2010

Extremely Satisfied

Shawn Dominy is very competent, and a true "pro." He knows the law, kept me well-informed and I ended up with a very positive outcome. I was charged with "hit/skip" which could have resulted in 6 points and a loss of my license. My case was dismissed, and I paid minimal court costs. No points on my record and I am one very happy client of Shawn's.

- Car accident client, February, 2010

Knew Exactly What You Were Doing

I would recommend you to anyone because you knew exactly what you were doing and were very understanding to the situation that I was in. Thanks!

- M.B., February, 2010

Would Refer Anyone To You

Very happy with representation and would refer anyone to you.

- G.W., November, 2009

Always Had Our Best Interest In Mind

Shawn, C. and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I believed C. learned a lesson and we were not punished by him losing his driver’s license. Our experience with you was so much better than first experience. I felt I learned more about our justice system and felt you always had our best interest in mind during this long process.

- K.K, November, 2009

You Were Really Good

You were really good and made me not nervous. Thanks for everything!

- M.M., October, 2009

Very Satisfied

Getting charged with OVI is a scary and stressful time. Thats why I was very thankful when I came across Mr. Dominy in my search for representation. After meeting with him I felt very encouraged and confident in moving forward with the case. Shawn became very familiar with every aspect of what happened in my situation and brought many things to my attention that aided in my decision to enter a "not guilty" plea. He kept me up to date on every development in my case and was always easy to get ahold of when I had questions. He gave me and my family a sense of trust and reliability. Eventually I was found "not guilty" after going to trial. I am very thankful for his hard work. His services are worth the fee and I feel that my professional and personal life both will benefit greatly from fighting the OVI with Mr. Dominy on my side.

- Brittany, August, 2009

Fantastic Job

You did a fantastic job given the circumstances. If it weren’t for you, I’d be in a very bad situation. I thank you and my family thanks you! Have a wonderful rest of the year!

- R.H., August, 2009

Review Of Mr. Dominy

Mr. Shawn Dominy represented myself recently in a case that had been brought against me. Let me be the first to say that Shawn carried the highest in standards that he brought to the table professionally with me and my case. Three things that stood out were is professionalism, knowledge, and consistency when it came to communicating how the legal system works and how it would affect my outcome. Briefly, I will touch on these three things in recommending Shawn to future clients. Professionally Shawn carries himself as a confident but humble lawyer. From the first meeting with him it was clear that he meant business. Straight forward and carrying a sense of integrity makes him who he is. His appointments are without fluff and worth every session. From start to finish, he is outlining your situation and creating the best possible avenue for you to continue forward with. Honest answers combined with realistic outcomes set the stage for every step of his service provided. No false hopes created, just the facts. This is a true professional approach to law. Shawn's reputation for his knowledge of law in the state of Ohio is what brought me to him. I did not find him in a phone book, internet, or through a friend. He was actually recommended by another lawyer! Not only another peer of his, but an attorney in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT county! Shawn has knowledge about law that is admired by peers and sought after by clients. His experience has put him where he is today recognized not only on a local level, but throughout the state. A person's knowledge and know how is what puts Shawn and his character above others. Finally to touch on the communication between attorney and client. Let me preface this by saying that when my case was brought to Shawn, life had thrown me a bit of a curve ball. Not only was I dealing with the case presented against me, I was also dealing with a few medical issues. Shawn utilized every avenue available to keep me in the loop with where our case stood. Email, phone calls, and appointments were all routes that kept the lines of communication open. Even when there was a lull for weeks at a time, a quick email was always to be found by weeks end giving an update even if there was very little progress. Any anxiety, worry, or confusion was laid to rest numerous times by a simple phone call or meeting. The appointment clearly set the tone from start to finish of how we would work with the information and facts that he was given. Would I recommend him? Absolutely. Is he qualified? Ten times over. Thanks to Shawn I was able to be represented by the best of the best. I will always be grateful for his representing me and bringing a unwavering, professional and dignified presence to my case.

- Criminal defense client, July, 2009

Excellent OVI Lawyer

A friend of mine recommended Shawn and it was an excellent choice. Shawn is very knowledgeable about the OVI laws and how the court system works. My OVI was reduced to a physical control and all other charges were dropped. I know two other people who have used Shawn before and both of them had their charges reduced as well. I would recommend Shawn to anyone who has been charged with an OVI.

- DUI client, July, 2009

Highly Recommended

Thank you very much for everything. You come highly recommended and I will continue the recommendation.

- B.H., June, 2009

Professional, Knowledgeable, Experienced

I met with several lawyers regarding my DUI case before going with Shawn. After my initial consultation with him, it was obvious he was the right choice to represent me. Shawn was extremely thorough with my case and was always available to assist with my questions and concerns. Charges in my case were reduced to a "Physical Control" (zero pts) violation from a high tier OVI because of Shawn's knowledge of the law and his attention to detail. If you are so unfortunate to be charged with an OVI and need lawyer representation, I don't think you could do any better than him. Thanks Shawn.

- DUI client, June, 2009

Wouldn’t Hesitate to Recommend You

You did a great job in my case and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you should anyone I know face a similar situation.

- E.G., June, 2009

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with the communication as well as the level of service. Thanks.

- D.M., April, 2009

True Professional

Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease during such a crazy time in my life. Thanks for figuring out a way for me to tell the truth and put this all behind me. You are a true professional. I would send anyone your way!!

- J.T., April, 2009

Great Job

I would like to thank you very much and also tell you that you did a great job.

- C.L., April, 2009

True Asset To The Community

You were and are a blessing to E. and I. We thank you over and over again. You took the time to understand the problems that led to this. You are a true asset to the community!! Keep up the awesome, professional work that you do!!

- K.W., January, 2009

Felt Reassured

Job well done! You helped me feel reassured as I wasn’t familiar with court procedures. Thanks so much for your help & guidance.

- T.A., November, 2008

Helpful And Friendly

You were really helpful and friendly. Thank you very much.

- D.S., October, 2008

Fair, Honest, And Professional

You represented me in a fair, honest, and professional way. I appreciate all your efforts in keeping me as informed as possible of developments happening within my case. Thank you very much for your time and I would absolutely recommend you to others in the future.

- C.F., July, 2008

Excellent Job Representing Me

I thought you did an excellent job representing me. I received your number through the phone book. Before I had a chance to talk to you I looked at your website. I was impressed with the website. I also like the location as well. Also your attorney’s fees were competitive. Thank you for your help.

- S.J., May, 2008

Seemed To Genuinely Care

I appreciate all of the time you spent trying to sort out my case. You were non-judgmental and seemed to genuinely care. Thank you for dealing with my “hard to deal with” family members. After the year (+) that we spent together I feel as though I should call you every month to check in (ha-ha). Again, thank you very much for all of your services.

- A.S., May, 2008

Much Anxiety Was Relieved

I appreciated your availability. Talking to you personally for the initial consultation was the determining factor in choosing your representation. Likewise, much anxiety was relieved upon receipt of quick email responses. I will refer you! Thank you!

- T.P., April, 2008

Very Lucky To Come Across Your Name

If ever friends or family needed legal representation for a similar situation to mine – we would most definitely be giving your name to them. I was very lucky to have come across your name in the phonebook!

- A.M., November, 2007

As Good Experience As Possible

Thanks Shawn! Every step of the process was as good as experience as possible under the circumstances.

- M.J., November, 2007

Nothing Short Of Professional And Very Friendly

Shawn I know you’re looking for objective comments & constructive criticism but this is how I truly feel about your service & representation of myself & my daughter. My experience with you has been nothing short of professional & very friendly. I guess my way of being objective is to put the +’s in there. Thank you for all your help & advice over the years. Although I hope not to need your professional services anymore, I would like to keep you as a friend and would not hesitate to hire you again, should the need arise. Thank you again & God Bless.

- M.H., September, 2007

Thanks For Everything

Thanks for everything, Shawn! From what happened and the consequences that followed, I’ve made many positive changes in my life. I’m going above and beyond my call of duty in order to get my life back on track. Everything with my probation is going smoothly and I’m fulfilling all requirements so that in 7 months my supervision (Inter. In Lieu) will be over with. Thanks for helping me out @ a difficult crossroad in my life. You were encouraging, informative and followed through everything well for me.

- E.Y., September, 2007

One Of The Best Attorneys In The State

I greatly appreciate all you’ve done for me. I can honestly say you are one of the best attorneys in the State of Ohio. Thank you for everything.

- R.L., September, 2007

Would Refer You In An Instant

Great job, Shawn. You were a big help during a strenuous time. I don’t plan on being in that situation ever again, but would refer you in an instant.

- J.A., June, 2007

So Glad I Retained Your Services

Shawn, I am so glad I retained you services and it’s always a pleasure talking to you, although preferably w/o needing your representation (because it means I’min trouble). I have & will continue to recommend you to other friends/acquaintances of mine requiring legal representation. One of these days I’ll come out and see “JUSTUS”.

- Y.A., November, 2006

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