Washington Courthouse Municipal Court

Criminal Cases and DUI / OVI Cases In The Washington Courthouse Municipal Court
The Washington Courthouse Municipal Court hears criminal and traffic cases which occur in Fayette County, Ohio.  Misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases, including DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio), are filed in the Municipal Court and remain in that court until the case is resolved.  Felony criminal and traffic cases may be filed in the Municipal Court, but the court has jurisdiction for only a limited time.  At the end of that time, felony cases are dismissed in the Municipal Court and may then be initiated in the Common Pleas Court.

In the Washington County Municipal Court, the lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm represent individuals charged with OVI.  If you are one of those individuals, you will benefit from reading the information on this page.  You would also benefit from learning more about OVI, which you do by reading in other pages of this website.

Contact Information for the Washington Courthouse Municipal Court
Address:  119 North Main Street, Washington Courthouse, OH 43160
Phone:  740-636-2350
Website:  Washington Courthouse Municipal Court

Appearing in Court
If you received a ticket or complaint, it includes a summons which tells you the date and time of your first court appearance, the arraignment.  Arraignments are typically held on Wednesdays at 9:30 am, but you should check the summons closely to make sure you go at the right time.  It’s okay to be early to court, but you definitely should not be late.

The courthouse is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday, except for national holidays.  The court is located on Main Street, between Court Street and Market Street, across from the Fayette County Common Pleas Court.  There are parking spaces on Main Street, Market Street, and Court Street.  After you park, go inside the courthouse and check-in with the court personnel.  They will tell you where to wait until your case is called.

When your case is called, you will be asked to enter a plea:  Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty.  Pleading Guilty is a complete admission of your guilt, so the judge will impose the sentence, and the case will be concluded.  Pleading No Contest is not an admission of guilt, but it is acknowledging the truth of the facts in the ticket/complaint.  If the ticket/complaint is properly written, the judge will find you guilty and impose the sentence.  Pleading Not Guilty is, essentially, invoking the presumption of innocence and requiring the prosecution to prove your guilt.  

Preparing to Appear in Court
As you must enter a plea at the arraignment, you should think through your options beforehand.  Once you are convicted, it is incredibly difficult to withdraw your plea.  If you are charged with OVI, you should learn about OVI charges, penalties, evidence, and defenses before making a decision.  You should also consider hiring a lawyer and research defense lawyers.

You can learn about OVI charges, penalties, evidence, and defenses, as well as how to research lawyers, in the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide.  The paperback and Kindle® versions can be purchased online, and the PDF version can be downloaded for free here.

Lawyers for OVI Cases in the Washington Courthouse Municipal Court
The Dominy Law firm focuses on defending individuals charged with OVI, and our lawyers authored the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide.  Our firm represents clients in Fayette County and other counties in central Ohio.  If you are charged with OVI in the Washington Courthouse Municipal Court, there are two ways you can schedule a free consultation to discuss representation:  you can complete a CONTACT FORM, or you can call our office at 614-717-1177.  Either way, we would be glad to talk with you about representation for your OVI case in Washington Courthouse.

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