Theft & Fraud In Ohio

Theft And Fraud Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio
People find themselves in a variety of circumstances which lead to accusations of theft and/or fraud.  Some intentionally broke the rules, while others did not understand the rules or just made mistakes.  While their circumstances vary, clients charged with theft and fraud offenses all have one thing in common:  they want to achieve the best possible outcome in the case because a conviction for a theft or fraud offense can have serious consequences.  If you are in that situation, you may want to consult a good theft lawyer in Columbus and central Ohio.

Attorneys For Ohio Theft & Fraud Defense
The Dominy Law Firm has been representing clients charged with fraud and theft offenses since 1997.  Founding attorney Shawn Dominy became interested in theft and fraud cases as a college student at The Ohio State University.  As he studied criminology, Shawn Dominy also worked as a store detective at a department store.  In addition to apprehending shoplifters, he also conducted investigations of theft and fraud by employees.  Coincidentally (or not), one of his co-workers became a detective with a large police department investigating theft and fraud, and Shawn Dominy became a criminal defense attorney representing clients charged with theft and fraud.  The Dominy Law Firm now represents clients for various fraud and theft charges.

Various Ohio Fraud And Theft Charges
  • Theft is generally defined as exerting control over another’s property or services without their consent.  Theft includes what is traditionally thought of as stealing, as well as embezzlement from an employer and obtaining property or services by decption. 
  • Receiving Stolen Property is the offense charged when a person possesses property of another and has reason to believe that property was obtained through the commission of a theft offense. 
  • Misuse Of Credit Cards includes procuring a credit card by deception and obtaining property or services using a credit card when the card was obtained illegally.
  • Forgery is committed when one forges the document of another person without that person’s authority and is also committed by uttering (presenting) a forged document.
  • Medicaid Fraud includes making misleading representations to obtain payment under the medical assistance program and also includes accepting payment for services in addition to the payments from the medical assistance program.
  • Insurance Fraud is generally making a fraudulent insurance claim or application.
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud typically involves receiving worker’s compensation benefits to which the person is not entitled.
  • Identity Fraud is possessing or using personal identifying information of another without the other’s consent and posing as that person or representing the other person’s information as their own.
Sentences For Theft And Fraud Charges In Columbus And Central Ohio
Theft and fraud offenses may be misdemeanors or felonies, usually depending on the value of the property or services stolen.  These offenses involve possible incarceration, fines, probation, and restitution.  A conviction for a theft or fraud offense becomes a permanent public record carrying a stigma of dishonesty which can greatly affect one’s reputation and employment opportunities.

Strategies For Defending Against Theft And Fraud Charges
When the Dominy Law Firm represents a client in a theft or fraud case, we take a two-part approach.  First, we explore the option of a diversion program which leads to the charges being dismissed.  Second, we conduct an investigation of the facts, review the evidence, research the applicable law, file motions to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, and try the case to a jury if appropriate.

The Dominy Law Firm communicates with clients regularly and gives an educated evaluation of the case so clients can make fully informed decisions about resolving their cases.  In some cases, the allegation cannot be proven, so the focus is avoiding a conviction.  If a charge can be proven, the focus shifts to getting the charge reduced and mitigating the sentence.  The attorneys work hard to achieve a resolution which improves the outcome of your situation.

Representation For Theft And Fraud Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio
As a law firm serving Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio area since 1997, the Dominy Law Firm has helped many clients charged with theft and fraud offenses in Franklin County, Delaware County, and other central Ohio courts.  In many cases, clients are able to get charges reduced or even dismissed, and they are often able to have the records for the case sealed (expunged).  The Dominy Law Firm charges flat fees for representation in theft and fraud cases, so clients know the total fee before making the hiring decision.  If you would like a to discuss your case and how we can help, please email the Dominy Law Firm or call 614-717-1177 to arrange a free initial consultation. 

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