Sunbury Mayor's Court

Criminal Cases And DUI / OVI Cases In The Sunbury Mayor’s Court

Anyone who has to go to the Sunbury Mayor’s Court for a DUI / OVI or criminal offense should take the time to learn as much as possible about the court, the charges, and the court process. By learning about these issues, you can get a better grasp of what may happen with your case, and you can alleviate some of your stress.

Another good way to eliminate some of that stress is to hire an attorney. The Dominy Law Firm represents clients for criminal cases and DUI / OVI cases in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court. Before you choose us, or any attorney, we believe you should educate yourself about attorneys just like you should educate yourself about your case.

How To Learn More About The Court

Address: 9 East Granville Street, Sunbury, OH 43074
Phone: (740) 965-2684
Website: Sunbury Mayor’s Court

Types Of Cases Heard In The Sunbury Mayor’s Court

The court only hears misdemeanor cases which take place in the village of Sunbury, Ohio. Those cases usually involve a violation of the village ordinances buy may also involve a violation of the Ohio Revised Code. The types of cases that go through the court can vary quite a bit, but some of the typical cases include:

  • DUI / OVI (first offenses only)
  • Assault
  • Drug Offenses (misdemeanors only)
  • Underage Alcohol Consumption/Possession
  • Shoplifting
Case Process in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court

In some cases, such as with minor traffic tickets, you can simply pay your fine if you feel that is the best option. You can drop off your payments at the above address, pay online, or pay over the phone. Keep in mind, however, that paying the ticket is a plea of guilty.

If you would rather plead not guilty, or if you have a case which involves a mandatory court appearance, you should go to the court for your arraignment. Arraignments are typically held on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm. After you enter your plea of not guilty, your case is scheduled for a pretrial or trial, and those are typically held on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

A pretrial is for the purpose of discussing the case with the prosecutor and possibly working out a plea bargain. If you don’t reach a satisfactory plea bargain, you can have a trial. There are not jury trials in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court, so the mayor or magistrate would decide whether you are guilty.

Transferring Your Case from Sunbury Mayor’s Court

At the beginning of your case, and even after the case is over, you have the right to transfer your case or appeal your case from the mayor’s court. If you do, the case is transferred to the Delaware Municipal Court. It may or may not be in your best interest to do this, so you probably want to speak with an attorney first.

Attorneys For The Sunbury Mayor’s Court

The attorneys at the Dominy Law Firm represent clients in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court. Founding attorney Shawn Dominy is a life-long resident of Delaware County, and both attorneys practice regularly in Delaware County. Whether you keep your case in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court or transfer it to the Delaware Municipal Court, we have been there.

Our firm is focused. We only practice criminal defense and DUI/OVI defense, we only practice in central Ohio, and we only represent a limited number of clients. By focusing our practice in these ways, we are able to provide personal service to each of our clients and obtain favorable case results.

To learn more about the Dominy Law Firm, please read through the About Us page of this website. As you are researching lawyers, you should see what our clients say on our Client Reviews page and learn about their outcomes on our Case Results page. If you finish your research and think we are the right law firm for you, you can contact us by submitting a CONTACT FORM or calling 614-717-1177 to schedule a free phone consultation about your case in the Sunbury Mayor’s Court.

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