Speeding in Ohio

Speeding Tickets in Central Ohio

Speeding is prohibited by Section 4511.21 of the Ohio Revised Code, as well as local ordinances of cities and villages. If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you have probably noticed police officers trying to catch drivers who are going above the speed limit. With road construction, traffic deaths, and general traffic safety concerns, police officers are incentivized to catch speeding drivers.  If you intend to fight a speeding ticket, a Columbus traffic ticket lawyer will be able to help.

Penalties for Speeding in Ohio

Speeding tickets have various possible penalties, depending on the circumstances. Most speeding tickets are minor misdemeanors with a maximum fine of $150. However, a third speeding conviction within one year is a fourth degree misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up $250 and up to 30 days of jail time. A fourth speeding conviction within one year is a third degree misdemeanor, carrying a sentence which includes a fine of up to $500 and a jail term of up to 60 days.

You may also be charged with a fourth degree misdemeanor where you are caught speeding in excess of 35 mph in a school zone or in excess of 50 mph in other parts of a municipality. In addition, fines can be doubled where you are caught speeding through construction zones.

Other Consequences of Speeding Tickets

Although most speeding tickets are minor misdemeanors with a maximum fine of $150, the secondary consequences of speeding convictions may make it worth contesting the ticket. In addition to the fine, a conviction for speeding may result in points on your driver’s license, increases in your auto insurance premiums, and possible jail time. If you fight your speeding ticket, you could potentially have the fine amount reduced, avoid points on your driver’s license, and avoid hikes in auto insurance rates.

Driver License Points for Ohio Speeding Tickets

Here is an overview of how many points are assessed for speeding offenses:

  • Speeding over 30 mph of the speed limit: 4 points
  • Speeding over 11 mph to 29 mph of a posted speed limit of 55 mph or more: 2 points
  • Speeding 6 mph to 29 mph of a posted speed limit of 54 mph or less: 2 points

According to Ohio law, if you receive 12 or more points on your driver’s license over a period of two years, the BMV registrar will impose a Class D suspension of your driver license for six months.

Strategies for Speeding Tickets in Ohio

If you receive a speeding ticket in central Ohio, you have essentially two options. You can either pay the fine/waiver, or you can appear in court in an effort to improve the outcome of the case. According to a Columbus Dispatch report a few years back, 93% of people who went to court to fight their speeding tickets received in construction zones on the I-270 and the I-71/670 interchange walked away with reduced fines or dismissed charges.

If you pay the ticket without appearing in court, the penalties are certain. If you hire a lawyer, you may be able to:

  • Have the ticket dismissed in exchange for paying the court costs
  • Have the ticket dismissed in exchange for completing Traffic Diversion
  • Have the ticket amended to a no-points offense
  • Have a trial and be found Not Guilty
Columbus, Ohio Lawyers for Charges of Speeding

The Dominy Law Firm is a criminal defense firm which represents clients charged with Speeding and other traffic offenses. If you were charged with Speeding in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can schedule a free phone consultation by calling 614-717-1177 or by completing a CONTACT FORM.

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