OVI / DUI Secondary Consequences

DUI / OVI Convictions Have Secondary Collateral Consequences

A conviction for a DUI / OVI in Columbus and central Ohio can have severe consequences. The penalties imposed by a court are discusses on the ‘DUI / OVI Sentences’ page of this web site. Those penalties include a jail sentence, a license suspension, a fine, court costs, license points, a license reinstatement fee. They may also include an ignition interlock device, yellow license plates, vehicle immobilization or forfeiture, secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring (S.C.R.A.M.), drug/alcohol treatment, and probation. In addition to the sentence imposed by the court, there are secondary collateral consequences of a DUI / OVI conviction that can be more devastating than the court sentence. Those secondary consequences include:

  • Auto Insurance: A DUI / OVI conviction will result in insurance premiums increasing significantly and may result in coverage being dropped by the insurance company.
  • Other Insurance: A conviction may result in increased premiums for health insurance and life insurance.
  • Public Record: A DUI / OVI conviction stays on your record forever and cannot be sealed (expunged).
  • Employment: As a conviction is a permanent public record, it may affect current and prospective employment.
  • Company Vehicles: A DUI / OVI conviction may result in the driver being unable to drive a company vehicle due to the policies of the company or the company’s insurance carrier.
  • Education: A conviction may lead to consequences at the high school or college and may also affect student athletic eligibility.
  • Military: A DUI / OVI conviction or pending case may bar acceptance into the military and may also trigger military discipline.
  • Professional Licenses: A conviction may result in action being taken by boards that regulate professional license (e.g., the medical board, the nursing board, the bar, etc…).
  • Parenting: A license suspension may affect one’s ability to transport children, and a conviction may affect custody/visitation arrangements.
  • Immigration: A DUI / OVI conviction may affect the immigration status of a non-citizen.
  • Travel: A conviction, or even an arrest, may affect one’s ability to travel to other countries, such as Canada
Avoiding Secondary Collateral Consequences Of DUI / OVI

To avoid the potential secondary consequences of a DUI / OVI, it is necessary to avoid a DUI / OVI conviction. If the DUI / OVI charges are dismissed or reduced, there is no DUI / OVI conviction. To have a chance of getting DUI/OVI charges dismissed or reduced, you must plead not guilty, and your chances increase significantly by hiring a skilled DUI / OVI lawyer. If you decide to contest the case and it's in central Ohio, you will need a Columbus DUI / OVI attorney who has experience with DUI / OVI investigations and the DUI / OVI court process, as well as expertise in field sobriety tests, breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests.

Attorney For DUI / OVI Defense In Columbus And Central Ohio

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