Reynoldsburg Mayor's Court

Criminal Cases And DUI / OVI Cases In The Reynoldsburg Court
The Dominy Law Firm is a firm of criminal defense lawyers representing clients in the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court for criminal offenses and DUI / OVI offenses. If you have to go to this court, it’s a good idea to get as much information about the court and the process as early as possible before your court date and even before hiring an attorney. The information on this page is a great place to start, and you’ll also want to review the court’s website for additional facts about the court.

After you research the court, you also should familiarize yourself with the charges your facing, including what the prosecution must prove, possible sentences, and potential defenses.  There are many pages in this website which will help you understand those issues.  The more information you have the better off you will be.

When you are finally ready to hire an attorney, you need to make sure you are working with an attorney with experience and expertise for your type of case. A good attorney can help reduce the stress you feel about going to court, help to make the entire process much easier, and improve the case outcome.

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Phone:  (614) 322-6804
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Types Of Cases The Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court Hears
The majority of the misdemeanor DUI/OVI cases and misdemeanor criminal cases that take place in the City of Reynoldsburg come through the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court. The court does not hear felony cases, juvenile cases, or second-offense DUI / OVI cases. Some of the common types of cases heard at the court include:

•    Assault
•    Domestic Violence
•    DUI / OVI
•    Drug crimes
•    Shoplifting
•    Underage Drinking

‘Judges’ In The Mayor’s Court
In some mayor’s courts, the mayor of the town will be the one who actually hears your case. However, in other places, such as Reynoldsburg, the mayor will appoint a magistrate who will hear the cases. Often, the magistrate is an attorney or a former judge. The magistrate has authority over the case and can decide guilt, enter the judgment and hand down the sentence.

What To Expect At The Court Appearances
When you have to appear in court for the first time, it’s called an ‘arraignment’. When you go to court, you will check in at the Clerk of Court’s window, and the clerk will show you where to wait.  You’ll then go in the courtroom and either plead guilty/no contest or not guilty.  If you plead guilty, the magistrate will tell you the sentence.  If you decide to plead not guilty, the case will be scheduled for another hearing, and you may want to consult an attorney before returning to court.  The next court appearance is a pretrial; an opportunity to negotiate for a plea agreement.  If an agreement is reached, the case is resolved by agreement at the pretrial.  If an agreement is not reached, the case is scheduled for a trial.  At the trial, the prosecution puts on evidence, you can put on evidence, and the magistrate decides if the evidence proves your guilt.

Transferring Your Case And/Or Appealing
In Ohio, you have the right to transfer your case to a court of record if you so choose. If you do this, the location of the municipal court that will hear your case will depend on the location of the offense (the case goes to that county’s Municipal Court). In addition, you can appeal the decision of the mayor’s court within ten days of the date of the conviction. The case then starts over in the municipal court.  Transferring and appealing cases is something that you may want to talk about with an attorney before making a decision.

Let An Attorney Help You
Going through any court case is a stressful time. Even with knowledge of the process and the possible outcome, there is still a measure of uncertainty. To help with that uncertainty and the outcome, you may want a lawyer who has experience with cases similar to yours.

The Dominy Law Firm practices exclusively criminal defense, so we have probably handled a case like yours.  We have helped other clients in the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court, and we can help you too. In this website, you can find out more information about our firm, as well as our past cases and client satisfaction. If you want to discuss representation, you can get in touch with us to set up a free phone consultation by submitting a CONTACT FORM or calling us at 614-717-1177.

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