Pickaway County Common Pleas Court

Criminal Cases And OVI / DUI Cases In The Pickaway County Common Pleas Court
On this page, you will find information about the Pickaway County Common Pleas Court.  The court hears felony cases, including cases involving DUI/OVI and serious vehicular crimes.  If you are going through the court process, it would be helpful to educate yourself and learn as much as possible.  You’ll want to research the charges against you, the possible defenses, the possible consequences, and the court process.  You’ll also want to research criminal defense lawyers.  By conducting this research, you will be able to make wise decisions about how to proceed with your case. 

Contact Information For The Court
Address:  207 South Court Street, Circleville, OH 43113
Phone:  740-474-6026
WebsitePickaway County Common Pleas Court

What Types of Cases Go To The Pickaway County Common Pleas Court?
This court has a general division which hears criminal cases and civil cases, as well as a domestic relations division.  If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you’ll be most interested in the criminal division.  The criminal division hears felony cases, as well as misdemeanor charges contained in the same indictment as felonies.  Cases involving only misdemeanors are typically heard in the Municipal Court.  For felony offenses, the Common Pleas Court hears many types of cases, including the following serious vehicular crimes:

•    Aggravated Vehicular homicide
•    Aggravated Vehicular assault
•    Felony DUI / OVI

What Is The Typical Process For Felony Cases?
The first step in a felony case is generally the grand jury.  During this phase, the grand jurors will determine whether there is probable cause to believe you committed a felony. If they conclude the answer is ‘yes’, they will issue and indictment which tells you what offense(s) you are charged with.  After receiving the indictment, you will have to go to your arraignment.  At the arraignment, you will enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.  If you plead guilty, you will be found guilty and sentenced.

If you plead not guilty, the next phase is the pretrial hearing.  Sometimes, the case is concluded by plea agreement at the pretrial hearing.  If the case is not concluded and motions were filed, you will then have a motion hearing for the judge to make decisions on motions regarding disputed legal issues in the case.

The next phase is a trial.  During the trial, the prosecution will present evidence against you and try to prove to the judge and/or jury that you are guilty. You or your defense attorney can cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses and present evidence on your behalf.  You can testify if you want to, but the prosecution cannot make you testify.  At the end of the trial, the jury deliberates and issues a verdict of guilty or not guilty.  If you are found Not Guilty, the case is over.  If they do find you guilty of something, the judge will announce your sentence at a sentencing hearing.

Attorneys For Vehicular Offenses In The Pickaway County Common Pleas Court
When you are charged with a felony offense, you probably do not want to represent yourself.  Instead, you want to find an attorney with experience in criminal defense and expertise handling your type of case.  The attorneys at the Dominy Law Firm have many years of experience in criminal defense, including experience in Pickaway County.  We have expertise in the area of serious vehicular crimes, as that is the focus of our practice. 

If you are facing a felony vehicular offense, we are here to help.  You can learn more about our attorneys on the ‘Attorney Profiles’ page, and you can learn more about our firm on the ‘About Us’ page.  As you research criminal defense attorneys, you may also want to read through our case results and client reviews.  We limit the number of clients we accept so we can provide personal service for each client.  Given our limited caseload and expertise with felony vehicular cases, our fees are relatively high.  To discuss representation, you can schedule a free consultation by calling 614-717-1177 or by completing a CONTACT FORM.

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