OVI / DUI ‘Per Se’ Defenses In Ohio

Defenses For Accusations Of DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’ In Ohio

In Ohio, it is per se (“by itself”) illegal to operate a vehicle with a prohibited concentration of alcohol and/or drugs in the driver’s breath, blood or urine.  If a driver’s alcohol or drug level is ‘over the limit’ while operating a vehicle, the driver is guilty of DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’, even if the alcohol and/or drug(s) did not impair the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle.

To prove the driver’s alcohol and/or drug level was ‘over the limit’, the prosecution will introduce the results of a breath test, blood test, or urine test.  The defenses to DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’ generally aim to exclude the test results from evidence or explain why the test results were inaccurate.  

Top 50 Defenses To DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’ In Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm lawyers represent clients charged with DUI / OVI in Columbus and Central Ohio.  Our lawyers developed The Top 100 Ohio DUI / OVI Defenses ©:  a list of the top, but not all, defenses.  Half of those defenses relate to the charge of DUI / OVI ‘Impaired’, and half of those defenses relate to the charge of DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’.  Some of the defenses for ‘Per Se’ charges are asserted in cases involving breath tests, some of the defenses are used in cases involving blood/urine tests, and some defenses apply to all three types of tests.  The top 50 defenses for DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’ are listed below.  

Breath Tests

  1. Test result does not prove BAC was ‘over the limit’ at the time of operating the vehicle due to rising BAC
  2. Driver’s breath temperature was not measured, and breath temperature changes result of test
  3. Driver’s breathing pattern affected test result
  4. Cell phone in area of breath test caused radio frequency interference
  5. Breath-testing machine plugged into outlet with other electrical devices
  6. Driver had foreign substance in mouth at time of breath test
  7. Medical condition affected accuracy of test
  8. Ambient air contained alcohol which inflated test result
  9. Breath-testing machine not properly maintained
  10. Officer did not conduct 20-minute observation period before test
  11. Invalid sample not followed by 20-minute observation period
  12. Records for breath-testing machine not maintained for three years
  13. Instrument check not performed every seven days
  14. Instrument check did not yield valid result
  15. Radio frequency interference check not performed every seven days
  16. Instrument check solution used beyond expiration date
  17. Instrument check solution not refrigerated when not in use
  18. Instrument check solution container not retained for prescribed period
  19. Breath test operator did not have valid permit
  20. Breath-testing machine senior operator for maintenance did not have valid permit
  21. Breath-testing machine not in proper working order

Blood & Urine Tests

  1. No search warrant and no exception to search warrant requirement
  2. Defective search warrant
  3. Procedure manual for test not on file in analytical testing area
  4. Procedures used by laboratory not scientifically valid
  5. Procedures for analytical testing not followed
  6. Technique used for testing not approved by Ohio Department of Health
  7. Instrument(s) used for testing were not calibrated daily
  8. Instrument(s) used for testing failed calibration
  9. Laboratory records not maintained for prescribed period
  10. Sample not refrigerated when not in transit
  11. Sample not sealed and labeled as required by Ohio Department of Health
  12. Chain of custody for sample not properly documented and retained
  13. Sample not retained for additional testing
  14. Laboratory did not successfully complete national proficiency testing program
  15. Analyst did not have a valid laboratory technician or director permit
  16. Laboratory report inadequate
  17. Medical condition affected result of test
  18. Medication affected result of test
  19. Analyst error in testing sequence
  20. Instrument used for testing has internal contamination
  21. Balance instruments not calibrated
  22. Internal standards, standards, and controls invalid
  23. Uncertainty in measurement not calculated
  24. Mass spectrometer spectral library used for confirmation invalid
  25. Blood draw not conducted by qualified individual
  26. Blood draw not conducted with sterile dry needle into vacuum container
  27. Blood collected in container without solid anticoagulant
  28. Urine sample not collected in accordance with Ohio regulations
  29. Urine alcohol level at time of operating vehicle was below the ‘legal limit’ due to pooling of alcohol in urine

Law Firm For DUI / OVI ‘Per Se’ Cases

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