OVI / DUI Penalties

OVI / DUI Penalties In Ohio

There is a wide range of penalties for DUI / OVI in Ohio. Ohio has mandatory minimum sentences, which means a judge must impose at least those sentences. Ohio also has maximum sentences which a judge cannot exceed. Judges have much latitude between the minimum sentences and the maximum sentences, and judges may also impose up to five years of probation.  In addition to the sentence imposed in court, there are secondary consequences for a DUI / OVI conviction. Before deciding how to handle your DUI / OVI case, it is wise to learn about all the penalties for a DUI / OVI conviction.  You can learn about those penalties from a Columbus DUI attorney (for central Ohio cases). Specific penalties are discussed on additional pages of this site (see the links at the bottom or side of this page), and the penalties are also explained in the guide: Ohio DUI / OVI Guide.

OVI / DUI Sentences In Columbus And Central Ohio

The minimum and maximum sentences for an Ohio DUI / OVI increase with each conviction (if the convictions are within six years). For a first-offense DUI / OVI, the sentence includes incarceration of three days to 180 days, a license suspension for one year to three years, and a fine of $375 to $1,075. For a second-offense DUI / OVI, the sentence includes incarceration of ten days to 180 days, a license suspension for one year to seven years, and a fine of $525 to $1,625. For a third-offense DUI / OVI, the sentence includes incarceration of 30 days to one year, a license suspension of two years to 12 years, and a fine of $850 to $2,750. Additional convictions are classified as Felony DUI / OVI and have even more severe penalties. Other penalties which may be imposed as part of a DUI / OVI sentence include yellow license plates, an ignition interlock device, vehicle immobilization or forfeiture, and secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring (SCRAM). A table summarizing potential sentences is located on the ‘OVI / DUI Sentences’ page of this site.

Secondary Consequences For DUI / OVI Convictions

DUI / OVI convictions have secondary consequences. For example, a conviction leads to higher auto insurance rates and may also affect premiums for other types of insurance. A DUI / OVI conviction results in driver’s license points and a license reinstatement fee, and repeat DUI / OVI convictions may lead to inclusion in the DUI Habitual Offender Registry. Other secondary consequences resulting from a DUI / OVI on your record include effects on employment, education, military, and professional licensing.

How A Good OVI / DUI Attorney Can Help

If you hope to avoid a DUI / OVI conviction and/or some of the associated penalties, a good DUI / OVI lawyer can help. A lawyer can obtain all of the evidence, analyze it, and exploit weaknesses in the case. An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf in an effort to have the DUI / OVI charge reduced to an offense other than OVI. If appropriate, an attorney can take your case to trial and demonstrate to the jury why the verdict should be not guilty. An attorney can also advise you regarding ways to mitigate the sentence and advocate for you at the sentencing hearing, if necessary.

Attorney For DUI / OVI Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio

If you choose to contest your DUI / OVI case, the Dominy Law Firm can help. We only represent clients who are fighting the DUI / OVI, and we have undergone extensive training for DUI / OVI. Our firm uses this training to help achieve favorable outcomes for clients with DUI / OVI cases in Columbus and central Ohio. You can read about our recent cases, and you can also read previous client reviews. If you complete your research and decide Dominy Law may be the best firm for you, you can call 614-717-1177 or email the us to schedule a free consultation.

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