FAQ - DUI / OVI Cases In Ohio

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Driver License Issues In DUI / OVI CasesDUI / OVI ‘Impaired’ & ‘Per Se’ ChargesField Sobriety TestingFirst-Offense DUI/OVISecond Offense DUI / OVIInvestigations (Part 1) For DUI / OVI CasesInvestigations (Part 2) For DUI / OVI Cases
Penalties (Part 1) For DUI / OVI CasesPenalties (Part 2) For DUI / OVI Cases
Repeat DUI / OVI OffensesSecond Offense DUI/OVI
  • What Are the First Steps for a Second Offense?
  • What is the Possible Sentence for a Second Offense OVI?
  • Should I contest my second-offense OVI?
  • How does a lawyer help with a second-offense OVI?
  • How do I choose a lawyer for a second-offense OVI?
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