Madison County Municipal Court

Criminal Cases And DUI / OVI Cases In The Madison County Municipal Court
Are you facing a misdemeanor charge in Madison County? Whether it’s a DUI/OVI offense or a criminal offense, you will probably be going through the Madison County Municipal Court to deal with it. The Dominy Law Firm is a firm of criminal defense lawyers representing clients in the Madison County Municipal Court for DUI / OVI offenses and criminal offenses.  Before you make a decision about hiring a law firm, however, you need information.

On this page, you will find information about the Madison County Municipal Court, including contact information, case types, potential consequences, and the court process.  On other pages of this website, you will find information about specific types of criminal offenses and traffic offenses.  You should spend some time learning about the court and the charges so you have a better idea of what to expect before you get to the courtroom. You should also spend some time learning more about lawyers so you can find someone who is right for your case if you decide to hire an attorney.

Contact Information For The Madison County Municipal Court
Address:  1 North Main Street, London, OH 43140
Phone:  740-852-1669
WebsiteMadison County Municipal Court

Types Of Cases Commonly Seen In This Court
Misdemeanor criminal cases and misdemeanor traffic cases which occur in the city of London and throughout Madison County go through the Madison County Municipal Court. Felony cases ultimately go through a different court:  the Madison County Common Pleas Court.  Some types of cases heard in the Municipal Court include the following:

•    Assault
•    Domestic Violence
•    DUI / OVI
•    Drug crimes
•    Shoplifting
•    Underage Drinking

Potential Consequences For Misdemeanors
Misdemeanors in Ohio have different levels of categories, from first degree misdemeanors (the most serious) to minor misdemeanors (the least serious).  The possible sentence for your case depends on the level of the misdemeanor.  On the low end, a minor misdemeanor carries no jail time and a maximum fine of $150.  On the high end, a first degree misdemeanor carries jail time up to six months and a maximum fine of $1,000, as well as probation (‘community control’) for up to five years.

How Does the Court Process Work?

After you receive a complaint or traffic ticket, you will go through the arraignment. At this time, you will decide how you will plead:  guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Those who plead guilty or no contest will generally complete their case that same day. If you plead not guilty, this means you will then have additional court appearances.

Before you get to the trial stage, you go through a pretrial hearing. At that point, you or your attorney can negotiate for a plea agreement with the prosecutor. If you have any pending motions after the pretrial, you will then go to a motion hearing. At this point, witnesses can testify and the judge will make the decision regarding the issues raised in the motions.

If the case does not get resolved during the pretrial or motion hearing, you go to trial. During the trial, the prosecution will present its case, and you get to question the prosecution witnesses.  You can then present your own evidence if you choose. The judge, or jury, will then determine whether you are guilty or not. If they find you not guilty, you are free to go. If you are guilty, you have a sentence hearing to find out what punishments you will receive. You and/or your attorney can present mitigating circumstances to the judge at the sentence hearing. 

Finding The Right Attorney For The Madison County Municipal Court
You will probably want to have a good criminal defense attorney on your side when you go to court. As you look for a lawyer, pay attention to the lawyer’s expertise in your particular kind of case, as lawyers have varying levels of experience.

The Dominy Law Firm has expertise in criminal defense, with a particular emphasis on DUI / OVI defense.  Our firm represents clients in central Ohio courts, including the Madison County Municipal Court.  You can find out more information about our firm in the Attorney Profiles page and the About Us page.  You can also check out results from past cases and reviews from prior clients.  To discuss how we can help with your case in Madison County, you can schedule a free phone consultation by submitting a CONTACT FORM or by calling 614-717-1177.

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