FAQ – Third Offense DUI / OVI in Columbus & Central Ohio

Q: What Should Be My First Steps for a Third Offense?

A: With each DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio) conviction, the consequences are more serious. If the third offense occurs within ten years of the first offense, the sentence is harsh. If you are facing that harsh sentencing, it is critical that you understand the details of the sentence. You should also understand the court process and how any attorney can help. All of those topics are covered in the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide. That guide is available for sale in online bookstores, and you can download the PDF version for free.

Q: What Is the Possible Sentence for a Third Offense OVI?

A: For a third OVI offense within ten years, the sentence includes mandatory minimum penalties and possible maximum penalties. First, there is a jail term, which is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year. The minimum jail term is doubled if there is a test refusal or ‘high’ test result. Second, there is a fine, which is a minimum of $850 and a maximum of $2,750. Third, there is mandatory forfeiture of the vehicle (if registered to the defendant). Fourth, there is counseling for substance abuse. Fifth, there is a driver license suspension, which is a minimum of two years and a maximum of 12 years. To obtain driving privileges, after a six-month waiting period, the law requires an ignition interlock and restricted (yellow) license plates.

Q: What Is the Court Process?

A: The first court appearance is an arraignment, where you plead Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest. If you plead Guilty or No Contest, you will likely be sentenced the same day. If you Plead Not Guilty, the case will be scheduled for additional court appearances. Those court appearances are ordinarily a pretrial hearing, a hearing on motions to suppress evidence, and a trial.

Q: Should I Plead Guilty or Not Guilty?

A: You should make this decision before you appear in court for the arraignment, as you will need to enter a plea at the arraignment. You may decide to simply plead Guilty and accept the consequences described above. However, you may want to plead Not Guilty and try to improve the outcome of the case. There is no right or wrong answer, and each person in this situation must decide this for themselves.

Q: How Will a Lawyer Assist me With a Third-Offense OVI?

A: A lawyer will obtain the evidence the prosecution intends to introduce. The lawyer will file a motion to suppress, seeking to exclude harmful evidence obtained unlawfully. The lawyer will obtain evidence from you and form defenses. The lawyer will present those defenses to the prosecution in negotiations and may present those defenses to a jury if negotiations do not produce an agreement. The lawyer will also prepare to mitigate the sentence.

Q: How Do I Select a Lawyer for a Third-Offense OVI?

A: With the harsh sentences imposed for a third offense within ten years, it is crucial to hire an effective lawyer. An effective lawyer has expertise in OVI defense, experience handling third-offense OVIs, and a systematic approach to litigation.

Attorneys for Third Offense DUI/OVI Cases in Columbus and Central Ohio

The lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm have expertise in OVI defense: our lawyers have undergone extensive training specific to OVI cases. We have experience representing clients for third-offense OVIs. We have a systematic approach to OVI litigation which results in favorable outcomes for our clients. For more information about our firm and our lawyers, please see the About Us page and the lawyer profiles. You can also review pages of this website to read about case results and see what clients say about our representation. To schedule a free phone consultation about your third-offense OVI, please submit at CONTACT FORM or call 614-717-1177.

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