FAQ - Theft And Fraud

Q: What types of theft and fraud charges are filed in Ohio?
There are several types of theft and fraud charges in Ohio. The following is a brief description of theft and fraud charges commonly filed in central Ohio courts:

  • Theft – Theft involves taking property from another person, or exerting control over another person’s property, without that person’s permission.
  • Misuse Of Credit Cards – This offense is committed when a person uses another person’s credit card and/or credit card information when the card or information was used illegally. This offense may also be committed by obtaining a credit card using false information.
  • Forgery – Forgery is endorsing another person’s document without that person’s authority and also the act of presenting a forged document as though it were genuine.
  • Medicaid Fraud – This offense is committed when a person receives payment under the medical assistance program by making misleading representations. This offense is also committed by accepting payment for services in addition to receiving payments from the medical assistance program.
  • Insurance Fraud – Insurance fraud involves completing a fraudulent insurance claim or application in order to gain something of value.
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud – This offense is committed by making false statements or concealing information in order to receive workers' compensation benefits to which the person is not entitled.
  • Identity Fraud – Identity fraud involves wrongfully obtaining/possessing/using personal identifying information of another person without that person’s consent. Identity fraud may also involve posing as anotherperson or representing the other person’s information as one’s own, typically for economic gain.

Q: What are the penalties for theft and fraud?
Depending on the value of the property or services stolen, theft and fraud charges may be misdemeanors or felonies, and there is a wide variety of possible sentences. A sentence may include incarceration, fines, probation, and restitution. A secondary consequence of a theft or fraud conviction is having that conviction on one’s permanent public record, which may have an impact on employment and other opportunities.

Q: How can I fight a theft or fraud charge?
The most effective way to fight a theft or fraud charge is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is important that your attorney has experience handling theft and fraud cases.

Q: What are some strategies for dealing with theft and fraud allegations?
There are two main strategies that experienced criminal defense attorneys use to defend accusations of theft or fraud. The first is to use a diversion program. If an individual enters into and completes a diversion program, the case will be dismissed without a conviction and the record may be sealed or expunged. The second is to present a defense against the charge through the court process, including hearings in front of the court, and if need be, a trial.

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