FAQ – Professional Licenses and DUI / OVI in Columbus & Central Ohio

Q: Which Professional Licenses Could Be Affected by a DUI / OVI?

A: There are many occupations in Ohio which require a license from the state. For a person in any occupation which requires state licensure, a DUI / OVI may have an impact on licensing. Those occupations include, but are not limited to: accountants, advisors, architects, bankers, barbers, brokers, chiropractors, commercial drivers, cosmetologists, counselors, dentists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, pilots, psychologists, realtors, social workers, teachers, therapists, and veterinarians.

Q: What Must Be Disclosed to a Licensing Board?

A: It depends. Each licensing board in Ohio has its own rules for disclosure. Some boards require licensees to report all convictions, arrests, and charges, while others merely require licensees to disclose convictions. In addition, some licensing boards require reporting of all violations of law, while others require reporting only certain types of offenses (e.g., felony offenses). Due to the diversity of rules, it is crucial to review the rules for the specific licensing body to know if a DUI / OVI must be reported.

Q: When Must a DUI / OVI Be Disclosed to a Licensing Board?

A: If a licensing board mandates reporting of a DUI / OVI, the disclosure is generally required at the time the licensee applies for renewal of the license. However, some licensing bodies require reporting of a DUI / OVI within a certain time period after the offense. As each licensing board creates its own reporting requirements, it is important to examine the regulations for the specific board to know when a DUI / OVI must be reported.

Q: What Discipline Will a Licensing Board Impose for a DUI / OVI?

A: The sanction(s) for a DUI / OVI depend on the particular licensing body. Some boards do not discipline licensees for DUI / OVI convictions, but many do. The sanctions imposed may include a probationary period, a rehabilitation program, and even termination or non-renewal of the license.

Q: How Can a Professional License Holder Avoid Consequences With a Licensing Board?

A: It is helpful to learn, as early as possible, what are the reporting requirements and possible sanctions for that particular licensing board. With that information, a licensee can comply with the reporting requirements and take the initiative to mitigate the sanctions. It is also often helpful to improve the outcome of the DUI / OVI case and avoid a DUI / OVI conviction.

Q: How Can a Professional License Holder Improve the Outcome of a DUI / OVI Case?

A: The goal of a professional license holder in this situation is typically to avoid a DUI / OVI conviction. If the licensee goes to court and pleads guilty to the DUI / OVI, there will definitely be a DUI / OVI conviction on the licensee’s record. If the licensee pleads not guilty and contests the DUI / OVI with the help of an effective defense lawyer, the DUI / OVI conviction may be avoided.

Lawyers For DUI / OVI in Columbus and Central Ohio

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