FAQ - Diversion for Criminal Charges in Columbus and Central Ohio

Q: What is a Diversion Program?

A: Diversion is a program, offered by some courts and prosecutors in Ohio, as an alternative to the traditional criminal process. In a diversion program, a defendant is expected to fulfill certain conditions set forth by the prosecutor. Once those conditions are met, the case is typically dismissed.

Q: Who is Eligible for a Diversion Program?

A: Generally, diversion programs are offered to first-time offenders charged with misdemeanors or low-level felonies. Diversion is not offered to defendants who are charged with violence or sex offenses. Because prosecutors have the authority to establish diversion programs, eligibility varies from one diversion program to another.

Q: How Do You Apply for a Diversion Program?

A: Each diversion program has a screening process. Usually, an attorney makes a request for the defendant to be screened for diversion. Once a defendant is screened, the process varies. Defendants may meet with a diversion officer from the prosecutor’s office, a probation officer from the probation office, or a member of the court’s staff.

Q: Do All Defendants Have the Right to a Diversion Program?

A: No. Defendants do not have a right to be offered a diversion program. Some courts do not even have diversion programs and not all eligible defendants will be offered diversion.

Q: What is Required to Complete a Diversion Program?

A: Requirements will depend on the nature of the offense, the seriousness of the offense, and the court in which the case is held. Common requirements include completing classes and/or counseling related to the nature of the offense, completing a counseling assessment, community service, restitution, reporting to a diversion or probation officer, and paying court costs and fees.

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