OVI / DUI Driver's License Reinstatement

License Suspensions For OVI / DUI Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio

If you have a DUI / OVI case in Ohio, you will likely encounter two types of license suspensions. If you test over the limit or refuse a breath test, blood test, or urine test, you receive an Administrative License Suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you are convicted of DUI/OVI, you are given a Court Suspension by the judge as part of the sentence for DUI / OVI. If the DUI/OVI charge is amended or reduced to another offense, the judge still may impose a Court Suspension.

License Reinstatement After An Ohio DUI / OVI Case

For all of these suspensions, there are certain procedures you must follow to reinstate your driver’s license. Until you have followed the reinstatement procedures and actually received a new license, you are not permitted to drive, even if the suspension has ended (unless you have driving privileges). The reinstatement procedures will be in the form of a reinstatement notice from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (B.M.V.). While your license is still under suspension, the B.M.V. will send you a reinstatement notice at the address on your driver’s license. If you no longer live at the address on your license, you should complete a change-of-address with the B.M.V. to make sure you receive the reinstatement notice.

Procedures For Reinstating Your License After A DUI / OVI Conviction

There are essentially two options for reinstating your license: (1) by mail or (2) in person.

By Mail: About one month before the suspension ends, mail the reinstatement notice from the B.M.V. with payment of the reinstatement fee and proof of current auto insurance. You will receive, by mail, a document confirming you are eligible for a new license. Take that document to a B.M.V. Registrar License Agency to obtain your new license.

In Person: When the suspension has ended, go to a B.M.V. Registrar License Agency in person to pay the reinstatement fee and provide proof of current auto insurance. You will receive the new driver license in person.

Additional requirements: Certain types of license suspensions have additional reinstatement requirements, such as taking a remedial driving course, obtaining an SR-22, and re-taking the driver’s license exam. Those requirements do not apply in the typical DUI/OVI case, but they may apply in some situations, such as not having insurance when you were charged with DUI/OVI, being convicted of O.V.U.A.C., or a DUI/OVI conviction that causes a 12-point suspension.

Resources: If you have questions about reinstating your driver’s license, you may find answers at the Ohio B.M.V. website or by calling the Ohio B.M.V. at 614-752-7500.

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