OVI / DUI Driver Intervention Program

Driver Intervention Programs For DUI / OVI In Columbus And Central Ohio

No matter how lenient the judge is, no matter how fair the prosecutor is, even if the officer says you were ‘polite and cooperative’, there are some parts of the sentence for DUI / OVI that are mandatory. In every DUI / OVI conviction, the judge must impose a fine, a license suspension, and a jail sentence.

There is an exception:  the driver intervention program for first offenses. For a first offense Ohio DUI / OVI that does not involve a ‘high test’ (BAC of .170 or more), the minimum jail sentence is three days, but the judge can substitute a three-day driver intervention program for three days in jail. For a first offense Ohio DUI / OVI that does involve a high test, the minimum sentence is six days. The judge can substitute a three-day driver intervention program for three of the jail days, but you still have to serve the other three days in jail. For repeat offenses, a jail sentence is mandatory, and none of it can be satisfied by the driver intervention program.

A driver intervention program (DIP) is a 72-hour residential program. Most DIPs are held at hotels, and the average cost is about $450. Participants typically check-in on a Thursday evening and leave on Sunday evening. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there are presentations made on various topics related to alcohol, drugs, health, and driving. Most programs also include an assessment to determine if participants need further alcohol/drug counseling.

Hiring A Lawyer For a First Offense DUI / OVI In Ohio

If you are charged with a first offense DUI / OVI in the Columbus, Ohio area and your goal is simply to avoid jail, you may not need an attorney with expertise in DUI / OVI. In the average first offense that does not involve aggravating factors, it may not be worth paying a higher fee for a more experienced DUI / OVI lawyer if your intention is to plead guilty and ask for a lenient sentence.

If, however, you are charged with a first DUI / OVI offense and your intention is to contest the DUI / OVI, try to keep it off your permanent record, and try to avoid the secondary consequences, your chance of doing so increases significantly if you hire a skilled DUI / OVI attorney. The level of knowledge and experience with DUI / OVI varies greatly among attorneys. An attorney that is going to help you contest the DUI / OVI should have experience with DUI / OVI investigations and the DUI / OVI court process, as well as expertise in field sobriety tests, breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests.

Lawyer For Contesting DUI / OVI Charges In Columbus And Central Ohio

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