Criminal Defense

The First Step When Charged With A Crime In Ohio
Most people accused of a crime are stressed.  When you are charged with a criminal offense in Ohio, it can be overwhelming.  You probably have not been through the criminal justice system before, so you are not sure of what to expect.  You may not know the potential consequences, the court process, or where to turn.  To complicate things, the internet is full of information which is either inaccurate or inapplicable to your situation.  In addition, it is difficult to tell which criminal defense attorneys in the Columbus, Ohio area are the most effective.

The first thing to do when charged with a crime in Columbus or central Ohio is to educate yourself.  This site is a good place to do that.  The information provided in the ‘Criminal Defense’ section of this website applies specifically to Ohio criminal law and is geared toward courts in central Ohio, as that is where the Dominy Law Firm represents clients.

The Second Step When Charged With A Crime In Central Ohio
After you learn more about the offense, the possible consequences, and the court process, you will probably want to research criminal defense lawyers.  There are hundreds of attorneys in central Ohio who represent clients in criminal cases.  Some have more experience, expertise, and personal service than others.  To help you research and identify good criminal lawyers in Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio area, you may want to review the page on this site about ‘Hiring An Attorney’.

A good criminal defense lawyer should help you improve the outcome of your case and also bring peace of mind.  To that end, the mission of the Dominy Law Firm is to provide personal service and favorable results for our clients.  Founding attorney Shawn Dominy was named by Super Lawyers® as one of the top 50 lawyers in Columbus, Ohio (a city with over 8,000 lawyers).  The Dominy Law Firm has provided criminal defense representation since 1997.  We have handled most types of criminal cases:  from speeding to murder, and nearly everything in-between.  We have helped hundreds of clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in central Ohio Courts.  Chances are, we have handled a case like yours.

The Role Of An Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer
One role of a criminal defense lawyer is to make sure the government plays by the rules in the investigation stage of a case and in the court process.  Another way of looking at it: our role is to make sure the court process is fair, and our client is not punished for committing a crime unless the government can prove our client's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  When we identify situations where the government has failed to play by the rules or where the evidence does not constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we use those situations to the benefit of our client. Doing so not only benefits our individual client, but also benefits the community as a whole by ensuring that we are all protected by the rule of law under the Constitution.

Strategies For Criminal Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio
Not all criminal cases are the same, so not all defense strategies are the same. For example, a felony prescription drug offense will likely involve issues which are distinct from a misdemeanor shoplifting offense.  In addition, a criminal case in one county, like Franklin County, may be treated differently than a criminal case in another county, such as Delaware County.  The Dominy Law Firm represents clients with all types of criminal charges in courts throughout central Ohio.  Although the specific strategy for each case is individually tailored, there are some things we do for nearly every client, including:

•    Listen to your account of the incident, without judgment
•    Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the facts
•    Research legal issues
•    Move for the suppression of illegal evidence
•    Prepare for trial
•    Negotiate with the prosecuting attorney
•    Take the case to trial when appropriate
•    Prepare mitigation for sentencing when necessary
•    Keep you informed and answer your questions at every stage of the case

Law Firm For Criminal Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio
The Dominy Law Firm is focused and experienced.  We do not dabble in many different areas of the law:  we only practice criminal defense.  Our firm has been representing clients in criminal cases since 1997.
The Dominy Law Firm is exclusive.  We purposely limit our caseload so we can provide clients with personal service.  The result is favorable outcomes and satisfied clients.  To see for yourself, take a look at the client reviews page
If you intend to hire a criminal defense lawyer in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can contact us to discuss representation.  Our firm charges flat fees so you’ll know from the outset the exact cost of representation.  To schedule a free telephone consultation, you can either EMAIL US or call 614-717-1177.

Geographic Areas In Which The Dominy Law Firm Practices Criminal Defense
The Dominy Law Firm represents clients in Municipal Courts, Common Pleas Courts, and Mayor’s Courts throughout central Ohio, including:  Crawford County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Fayette County, Franklin County, Knox County, Licking County, Logan County, Madison County, Marion County, Morrow County, Pickaway County, Union County, and Wyandot County.

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