Crawford County Municipal Court

Criminal and DUI / OVI Cases in the Crawford County Municipal Court
The Crawford County Municipal Court hears criminal and traffic cases (including DUI / OVI cases) which occur in Crawford County, Ohio.  In Crawford County, there are two cities and multiple villages.  Bucyrus is the largest city and the county seat.  The other city in Crawford County is Galion.  The Crawford County Municipal Court has locations in both Bucyrus and Galion.

In the Crawford County Municipal Court, the Dominy Law Firm represents individuals charged with DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio).  Most of the OVI cases in the Crawford County Municipal Court are filed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Bucyrus Police Department, the Galion Police Department, and the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

If you are charged with OVI in the Crawford County Municipal Court, the information on this page will be beneficial.  If would also be beneficial to learn more about OVI cases, which you can do by reading other pages of this website.

Contact Information for the Crawford County Municipal Court
Addresses: 112 East Mansfield St., Bucyrus, OH 44820
                   301 Harding Way East, Galion, OH 44833
Phone:        419-562-7064 (Bucyrus)
                   419-562-2731 (Galion)
Website:     Crawford County Municipal Court

Appearing in the Crawford County Municipal Court
As the Municipal Court has two locations, it is important to make sure you go to the correct location.  On the ticket/complaint is a summons which tells you the date and time of the first court appearance (the arraignment).  The summons also tells you whether the court appearance will be at the Bucyrus location or the Galion location of the Crawford County Municipal Court.  The Bucyrus location is open Monday through Friday and typically has arraignments on Wednesday.  The Galion location is open only on Tuesday.

When you arrive at the courthouse, check-in at the office of the Clerk of Court.  The staff at the clerk’s office will tell you where to wait for your case to be called.  When your case is called, the judge or magistrate will explain your rights and the pleas you can enter:  Not Guilty, Guilty, and No Contest.

Before you go to the first court appearance, you should decide what plea you are going to enter.  To do that, you should know what happens for each plea.  If your plea is Guilty or No Contest, the judge will likely enter a finding of guilt and impose the sentence immediately.  If your plea is Not Guilty, the case will be scheduled for additional court appearances.

Pleading Not Guilty in OVI Cases
Pleading Not Guilty does not guarantee you will improve the outcome of your OVI case, but it gives you the chance of improving the outcome.  If you plead Guilty at the arraignment, it is certain you will be convicted of OVI.  If you plead Not Guilty, you put yourself in a position to possibly avoid an OVI conviction.  You can then obtain the evidence the prosecution intends to introduce and assert defenses to the OVI charges.  The chance of avoiding an OVI conviction is significantly increased if you hire a lawyer with a record of success in OVI cases.

Lawyers for OVI Cases in the Crawford County Municipal Court
The lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm have a successful record of representing clients for OVI cases.  You can read about the firm’s case results on this website.  Our firm has expertise and experience in this area, and we practice in Crawford County.  If you have an OVI case in Crawford County and would like discuss representation, please schedule a free phone consultation by either calling the Dominy Law Firm at 614-717-1177 or by submitting a CONTACT FORM.

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