OVI / DUI Court Suspension

License Suspensions For DUI / OVI In Columbus And Central Ohio

There are two different license suspensions typically involved in Ohio DUI / OVI cases. When you are arrested for DUI / OVI and offered a breath test , blood test , or urine test , the license suspension that is imposed for refusing the test or testing 'over the limit' is an Administrative License Suspension (A.L.S.) . If you are found guilty of DUI / OVI , the license suspension that is imposed as part of the DUI / OVI sentence is a Court Suspension .

Although the A.L.S. and the court suspension are similar, they are two separate suspensions. The court suspension is imposed by a judge , while the A.L.S. is imposed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles . The court suspension is a punishment for committing an offense, and the A.L.S. is a civil (not criminal) administrative sanction for abusing the privilege of having driver’s license.  If you are concerned about a court suspension, a good Columbus DUI lawyer can help.

Interplay Between The A.L.S. And Court Suspensions For DUI / OVI
  • If an A.L.S. was imposed and you plead guilty to the DUI / OVI or are found guilty of the DUI / OVI, the A.L.S. is terminated when the court suspension is imposed.
    • For the court suspension, you receive credit for the time that you were under an Administrative License Suspension.
  • If an A.L.S. is imposed for a test over the limit and you are found not guilty of the DUI / OVI ‘per se’, the A.L.S. is terminated.
  • If an A.L.S. is imposed for a test refusal and you are found not guilty of the DUI / OVI, the A.L.S. remains in place unless you are successful in your appeal of the A.L.S. or motion to terminate the A.L.S.
Length Of Court License Suspensions For Ohio DUI / OVI Convictions

Judges are given wide latitude in determining the length of court suspensions for DUI / OVI cases. There are mandatory minimum suspensions that must be imposed, and there are maximum suspensions that cannot be exceeded. The minimum and maximum length of a court suspension depends on the number of prior DUI / OVI convictions on your record in the last ten years.

If you are placed under a Court Suspension, you may apply to the court for limited driving privileges.  For first-time-offenders, there is a possibility of unlimited driving privileges under Annie's Law. There is a waiting period to apply for driving privileges. Like the length of the suspension, the length of the waiting period depends on the number of prior DUI/OVI convictions on your record.

Court Suspension Table
Prior convictions in 10 yearsLength Of SuspensionWaiting period for driving privileges
No priors1 year to 3 years*15 days
One prior1 year to 7 years45 days
Two priors2 years to 12 years180 days
3 w/in 10 years OR
6 w/in 20 years
3 years to life3 years

Disclaimer : DUI / OVI sentencing law is complicated and changes frequently. The table above summarizes the law for court suspensions at the time this page was revised in 2017*For a first offense, the length may be reduced if a court orders unlimited driving privileges with ignition interlock.

Strategies For Court License Suspensions In Ohio DUI / OVI Cases

Court suspensions are mandatory if you plead guilty to DUI / OVI. The only way to avoid a court suspension and the other parts of the DUI / OVI sentence is to get the DUI / OVI charge dismissed or reduced. For that to happen, you need to contest the charge and convince a prosecutor to dismiss/reduce the charge or convince a jury to find you not guilty. To do that, you’ll want to hire a good DUI / OVI lawyer who has experience with the court process and contesting charges rather than just pleading clients guilty.

Attorney For DUI / OVI Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio

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