Circleville Municipal Court

Criminal Cases And DUI / OVI Cases In The Circleville Municipal Court
The Dominy Law Firm is a firm of criminal defense lawyers representing clients in the Circleville Municipal Court for DUI / OVI and criminal offenses.

If you are facing a misdemeanor DUI / OVI charge or a misdemeanor criminal offense in Pickaway County, you will go through the Circleville Municipal Court. This page provides important information about that court.  One never wants to go to court, but, if you have to, it’s helpful to have some background knowledge about the court.  The information on this page is a good start for obtaining that knowledge.  The information on the remaining pages of this website will also help you learn about DUI / OVI issues, criminal law topics, and criminal defense lawyers.  The more you learn, the better prepared you will be for going to court and for hiring an attorney. 

Contact Information for the Circleville Municipal Court
Address:  151 East Franklin Street, Circleville, OH 43113
Phone:  (740) 474-3171
WebsiteCircleville Municipal Court

What Types of Cases Go Through The Circleville Municipal Court?
This court has jurisdiction for misdemeanors committed in Pickaway County. The court hears different types of misdemeanor cases, including criminal offenses and traffic violations. In addition, the court has a civil division and a small claims division.  This website is geared toward criminal cases and traffic violations.  Common types of cases in Circleville Municipal Court include:

•    DUI/OVI
•    Assault
•    Domestic Violence
•    Shoplifting

Personnel In The Circleville Municipal Court
There is one judge in this court:  Judge Gary Dumm. The Clerk of Court is Connie Neal, and she is assisted by a number of deputy clerks to help things run smoothly.  The prosecutor for most cases in this court is the Circleville City Attorney.

Court Hours
The hours for the Circleville Municipal Court are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. These hours apply to the criminal division, the civil division, and the small claims division.

Fine Payment
In some instances, you may not actually be required to appear in court; you can pay a fine instead (you always have to appear for DUI / OVI). You should keep in mind that paying a fine without appearing in court is a guilty plea. You may also have to pay fines if you appear in court and are found guilty. Fines are paid at the Clerk of Court office, and you can with cash, money order, or MasterCard/Visa.

The Case Process In The Circleville Municipal Court
The type of offense and the initial plea entered may determine the way your case proceeds.  Most DUI / OVI cases and criminal cases will follow the same basic route. At your first court appearance (arraignment), you can enter your plea: guilty, no contest, or not guilty. If you plead guilty or no contest, the judge will announce the sentence, and the court process will be finished. If you enter a plea of not guilty, you will have a pretrial hearing later. At that point, you or your attorney may reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor.  If not, you may have a motion hearing to decide evidentiary issues, and you may have a trial for the judge or jury to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. If you are found guilty, or if you plead guilty, you will also have a sentence hearing.

Lawyers For Cases In The Circleville Municipal Court
In many cases, it is best to hire an experienced attorney before you go to court.  We recommend that you research attorneys thoroughly before making the hiring decision.  The Dominy Law Firm has experience in DUI/OVI defense and criminal defense (since 1997) and practices in the Circleville Municipal Court. As you researching attorneys, you may want to review our Attorney Profiles and Firm Information.  You can also see our client reviews and case outcomes on this site.  If you learn more and want to get in touch with us, you can EMAIL US or call us at 614-717-1177 for a free phone consultation.

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