Book - Ohio DUI / OVI Guide

Ohio DUI / OVI Guide

What You Need to Know Before Going to Court And Before Hiring a LawyerFor DUI / OVI in Ohio

Nobody anticipates being charged with D.U.I. (called O.V.I. in Ohio). When it happens, people have a lot of questions. This book is designed to answer those questions. If you have been charged with O.V.I. in Ohio, the first thing you should do is educate yourself about O.V.I. cases and O.V.I. lawyers. This book is a great way to do that.

By reading this book, you will have the information you need before going to court. You will learn the consequences of an O.V.I. conviction, you will see what the prosecution must prove to get a conviction, and you will become familiar with the court process.

You will also have the information you need before hiring a lawyer. You can first use the book’s analysis for whether you need to hire a lawyer. If you decide to hire a lawyer, you will have resources for researching lawyers, criteria for evaluating them, and questions to ask before hiring one. With this valuable information, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about how to handle your O.V.I. case.

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  • What Is OVI And What Must The Prosecution Prove
  • What Happens If You Are Convicted Of OVI
  • Evidence In OVI Cases
  • The Court Process For OVI Cases
  • How To Find A Good OVI Lawyer

“This book is not only a must read for Ohio drivers charged with DUI, but also for Ohio lawyers wanting to provide quick and accurate information to their clients in urgent situations.”

Nicholas I. Andersen, Esq., Arenstein & Andersen Co., LPA

“Shawn’s Ohio DUI / OVI Guide is genuinely invaluable. For someone facing a DUI/OVI charge, it concisely sets forth what to expect. As important, reading the book will elevate the reader’s understanding of the various complexities involved in defending a DUI/OVI case. Knowing what lies ahead – the numerous court processes, the opportunities for a successful defense, the pitfalls to avoid, etc. – will make coping with the inherent stress of being charged more bearable. This book thoughtfully illustrates that the myriad of options and possibilities starts with making the right choice in choosing your DUI/OVI defense attorney. Shawn’s book should be required reading by everyone charged with a DUI/OVI.”

Mark Gardner Attorney at Law

“Attorney Shawn Dominy takes complex information and breaks it down so the average citizen can digest it and use it to make wise choices in their DUI case. Attorney Dominy provides enlightening real-life case examples of how he has addressed various legal issues in the past and what to look for in your case. A must-read for those charged with DUI and new attorneys.”

Robert Calesaric Attorney at Law

“The Ohio DUI / OVI Guide is a comprehensive and easily understandable resource to give those accused of OVI a thorough understanding of what to expect from the roadside investigation all the way through trial and sentencing. Shawn Dominy is recognized throughout Ohio as one of the leading authorities on OVI defense and is a regular speaker at the Advanced OVI Defense Seminar every spring - he teaches lawyers how to fight OVI charges. Mr. Dominy also provides some great tips on what to look for when shopping for an OVI lawyer; but the fact is, anyone charged with OVI would be well served by hiring Mr. Dominy. In conclusion, this is a great read and an excellent value.”

Jeffrey C. Meadows Attorney at Law
"Shawn is a wonderful person and an elite attorney. Being represented by him gives you complete peace of mind knowing you are in good hands, with..." M.A.
"Shawn Dominy quickly displayed his expertise in defending OVI cases at a level that made me immediately comfortable in my decision to..." K.G.
"I was looking at a Physical control OVI charge. License suspension, 3 day class, all that. Shawn got it reduced to persistent disorderly conduct. I paid a fine, saw..." Y.E.