Vehicular Assault In Ohio

Vehicular Assault Cases In Columbus And Central Ohio

Vehicular Assault cases are challenging because, in addition to facing serious consequences in court, clients have to deal with the emotional impact of being accused of hurting another person. With the exception of Vehicular Homicide charges, these cases carry the toughest sentences of any vehicular crimes. Depending on the precise offense and circumstances, the sentence may be up to as much as eight years in prison. For information on specific offenses and possible consequences, please see the Vehicular Assault Offenses And Penalties page.

Although these cases are challenging, an effective lawyer can help. In fact, for Vehicular Assault cases, the attorney you choose can make a significant difference in how the case turns out. If you are accused of Vehicular Assault in Columbus or the central Ohio area, you need to hire an effective attorney to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Attorney For Ohio Vehicular Assault Defense

The focus of my practice is D.U.I./O.V.I. defense, and I have been representing clients in Vehicular Assault cases since 1997. I have completed training helpful in these types of cases, including blood testing, breath testing, urine testing, and field sobriety testing. I continuously seek to improve as a lawyer through organizations like the National College for D.U.I. Defense (NCDD), and I often help other attorneys improve by teaching at continuing education seminars. I have expertise applicable to Vehicular Assault defense. In fact, I authored a chapter in the book Defending D.U.I. Vehicular Homicide Cases by Aspatore Publishing, and the principles discussed in my chapter of that book apply to Vehicular Assault cases.

Defense Strategies In Ohio Vehicular Assault Cases

Effective strategies for Vehicular Assault cases begin with the investigation. Before charges are filed, we conduct our own investigation that includes a client statement, witness statements, photographs and video of the accident scene, and possible consultation with experts in the areas of toxicology, accident reconstruction, and medicine. An effective strategy continues during the court process by first pleading not guilty, addressing bond, and reviewing the discovery materials from the prosecuting attorney. The discovery in these cases includes medical records, laboratory reports, witness statements, cruiser video, and police reports. After reviewing those materials, we typically file motions to challenge evidence, including blood tests, breath tests, urine tests, and field sobriety tests. Although the vast majority of these cases do not reach a jury trial, we prepare for trial in every case. Our trial preparation will develop a theory of why the admissible evidence does not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. At the same time we prepare for trial, we also prepare mitigating evidence for the (potential) sentencing phase.

Representation For Vehicular Assault In Columbus And Central Ohio

As a criminal defense attorney since 1997, I have represented individuals charged with Vehicular Assault in Franklin County, Delaware County, and courts throughout the central Ohio area. If you would like more information about me, please review my profile, and to learn more about my practice, please read the firm overview. You can also see what clients say and review my past case results. If you would like to talk about how I can help with your Vehicular Assault case, please EMAIL ME or call me at 614-717-1177. The initial consultation is free, and I charge flat fees, so you will know the exact fee before my representation begins.