Accident Investigation & Reconstruction In Ohio

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction For Serious Vehicular Crimes In Ohio

Serious vehicular crimes in Ohio such as Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault are the result of an automobile collision. When there is a collision resulting in serious physical harm or death, a law enforcement officer conducts an accident investigation. In most cases, an officer, or a civilian, also performs an accident reconstruction. Accident investigation and reconstruction play an important role in cases of Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Homicide in Columbus Ohio and the central Ohio area.

Accident Investigation In Ohio

Soon after a collision causing serious physical harm or death, an accident investigation is conducted to collect evidence. Many types of evidence are collected, including accident site conditions, road surface conditions, accident location points, vehicle conditions, driver conditions, and witness statements. The investigator should take measurements and document the investigation with diagrams, photographs, videos, and a written report. The officer conducting the investigation should have training in accident investigation, and it is preferable for the investigating officer to also have training in accident reconstruction, as the evidence collected will likely be used for accident reconstruction.

Accident Reconstruction In Ohio

The evidence collected during an accident investigation is given to an accident reconstructionist. That person, an officer or a civilian, should be certified in accident reconstruction. Reconstruction involves the use of scientific methods to ascertain how the crash occurred and determine the cause of the collision. Those methods include algebraic equations, computer-assisted formulas, and computer-generated simulations. An accident reconstructionist should determine the points of perception, the road surface drag factor, the collision site, and the final resting positions. The reconstructionist should also evaluate human factors to account for the actions and inactions of drivers, mechanical defects and failures, and data from the vehicles’ computerized control modules.

One piece of evidence reviewed by an accident reconstructionist is the ‘black box’ report. Most vehicles have an electronic data recorder (EDR) which receives data from various systems in the vehicle. That data is continuously received and is saved for reporting when there is a collision. After the collision, the data from the EDR is downloaded into a computer and reported in a ‘Bosch Report’. The report is analyzed by the accident reconstructionist to determine factors such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, brake use, airbag deployment, and seat belt usage.

Lawyers Must Understand Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

Lawyers who represent clients for Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide in Ohio should scrutinize the accident investigation and reconstruction. The evidence is typically documented in diagrams, photographs, videos and reports. Lawyers should obtain the evidence from the prosecution, closely review it, and hire experts to review it when necessary. To do this effectively, the lawyer must have a solid understanding of accident reconstruction and investigation.

The lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm have a solid understanding of accident reconstruction and investigation. The firm only practices criminal defense, with a focus on representing clients in Columbus and Central Ohio who are charged with Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault. Founding attorney Shawn Dominy is the author of the Ohio Vehicular Homicide Guide (Rivers Edge Publishing) and the Ohio Vehicular Assault Guide (Rivers Edge Publishing). Attorney Bryan Hawkins is the editor of those books. The attorneys have developed expertise in handling these types of cases.

Representation For Vehicular Homicide & Vehicular Assault In Central Ohio

Since 1997, the Dominy Law Firm has represented individuals charged with serious vehicular crimes in Franklin County, Delaware County, and courts throughout the central Ohio area. For more information about our firm, please see the About Us page and the individual attorney profiles. If you would like to talk about how we can help with your Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide case, please submit a CONTACT FORM or call 614-717-1177 to schedule a phone consultation. The initial consultation is free, and we charge flat fees, so you will know the exact fee before representation begins.

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